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    What do you think of the fellow?


    He’s a menuval

    He’s also an extremely bright fellow who has changed the world and is on the Edison and Einstein level in terms of scientific significance



    1 He doesn’t vote in bechiros
    2 He doesn’t fight in IDF
    3 He is not part of MO community
    4 He is not Lubavitch
    5 a few more requisites that don’t come to mind right now.


    He must be your Gadol Hador!!!!

    Sam Klein

    A good man who uses his riches for good things and doesn’t go around the world showing off his money or riches but instead just doing his job to expand in his experiments rather it’s Tesla or send to space in his SpaceX etc,…. And many other things he does. But at least he uses his time and money wisely versus wasting his time on vacations cause why not? He can afford it and let his top CEO run his company’s for his 24-7


    “A good man who uses his riches for good things….”

    Yup. A really “good man”. Several months ago he responded to an X (aka Twitter) post from a known anti-semite who accused yidden of hating white people and expressed indifference to antisemitism by posting, “You have said the actual truth.” He also reversed prior policies on Twitter and now allows vile anti-semitic rants to be posted. Each time he is caught, he claims (like Trump) that “he didn’t what the words meant” or that he wants X to be an open platform no matter how vile or hateful the postings.

    Yes, he is a great engineer but spare us the claim he does “good things”


    GodolHadorah is actually GodolhaSinah


    BY1212: Actually MegahSinah when it comes to those who promote antisemitic tropes and comments and when called out, claim they “didn’t know” or “didn’t intend” or “many of my best friends are Jewish” or best of all “I have Jewish grandchildren”.


    Nisht a hin, nisht a herr. He’s very much a goy who Hashem gave koichos too that now squanders his oilom ha’zeh on naarische pursuits and zivul. I get that he’s a brilliant businessman and Hashem has given him much hatzlocho, but there are literally hundreds of billionaires who are better people to look up to, and don’t build big cars that look like a five year old’s cardboard design.


    BY1212 has begun using the new lack of moderation by the mods to use the CR for personal attacks on others without actually discussing issues or ideas.


    A hard case. For example, he reportedly limit Ukraine usage of starlink when attacking Russian territory. On the other hand, he built this wonderful technology that seems to be useful to Ukraine in areas where service is available. To compare, nobody accuses me of switching off my services, but then I have billion less users than he does. So, it is easy to criticize someone who does something very useful, and he is doing it in several different areas.

    Similarly, so many articles about several people dying munching food instead of holding the wheel of their Tesla. But, I presume this technology already saved 1000s of lives and will save numerous more.

    He may be allowing weird X users, but then he destroyed what was clearly unhealthy culture in the company.


    The most interesting aspect of the Elon Musk phenomenon is that while he towed the establishment viewpoints, in the eyes of The Left and The Establishment he was constantly toasted and hailed as Elon the Great; as soon as he started tippy towing away from the expected and demanded viewpoints that all acceptable people must believe, in the eyes of The Left and Big Media, he suddenly became Elon the Terrible and a pariah to the establishment.


    @ujm Incorrect. Musk was pretty quiet about his personal life, rarely posted to social media anything unrelated to his work, and uninvolved politically for the longest time. Then after the Thai cave rescue, where his ideas were ignored, he was annoyed that the experts didn’t take him seriously. He realized that his public image is effectively bulletproof, so he just stopped holding back. It started with comments about how much he enjoys pritzus online, and drugs. Then political opinions. I think his absolute low point was publishing a very private picture of his ex-girlfriend in order to make fun of her after she lost a domestic abuse case with a different man.

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