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    Shopping613 🌠

    So my teacher was talking about Elul, and teshuvah, and etc. when one of my classmates mentioned that she was so scared for Rosh Hashana, of the Din that she was too scared to request anything of Hashem.

    I thought that was funny, I mean-I’m a bit worried, and a tiny bit frightnened for this upcoming holy day but scared? Why should I be scared? WHATEVER hashem does do in the end is only for my benefit, me being scared doesn’t help me daven better, and I know I’m right in hashem’s arms. I don’t have to worry about anything! Why should I be scared?

    My teacher said not being scared is either because I had a good easy life (which I did NOT, but was not going to interject that in middle of her saying this to me in front of the whole class) or ignorance.

    What is your take on it? Any smart guys out there who learn gemarah and stuff can give me any quotes or anything giving an idea of how scared we should be? (If at all)

    Kasima Tova!!


    Through the course of Jewish history, Jews have approached the ???? ?????? (translation, anyone?) with awe and fear of heaven and how they shall be judged.

    It has been far from uncommon to hear people crying during davening.


    Ask your teacher why we wear white on Rosh Hashanah,

    Why we eat festive seudos and dont fast?

    Thats a start. Let us know what your teacher says.


    Here’s the obvious

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    My teacher said not being scared is either because I had a good easy life

    I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean.


    We have a rich mesora. For which approach do you want quotes?


    emergency disclaimer on my above post. THAT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN AN EMOTICON, ESPECIALLY GIVEN ITS CONTEXT. The colon and parentese was supposed to go on the left of the yud.


    Fear that causes a person to better himself is healthy and useful. Fear that causes mental and emotional disorders are unhealthy and pointless. It’s that simple.


    a person is ALWAYS being watched by Hashem 24/7 & not only during the yomim noraim. if you need something to help put upon you fear of Hashem then put up a camera somewhere that you go a lot in your home & let it be a reminder that Hashem is watching you & you cant fool Hashem cause he sees everything. (from the chazer eaten to the lashon hara said etc…. your fooling yourself if you think you can fool Hashem)

    Have a ksiva v’chasima tova


    Joe – “It has been far from uncommon to hear people crying during davening”

    I hope people are crying that they didn’t vaccinate their kids & sent them to school anyway!

    Shopping613 🌠

    @homer- were supposed to be like angels, no?

    @joseph- crying comes from many emotions. I uss. cry, but not out of fear. Becuase I am talking with G-d, saying I’m sorry…giving him my heart and hoping the year will go well.

    @scared driver delight-translation?

    So I am saying of course I am a bit frightened, I want everything to go well. BUT not deadly scared, or freaked out and nervous that I didnt daven enough, and scared to request things for the coming year…

    WHAT is your take on this guys?


    Shopping613: Are you a Yirei Hashem and a Yirei Shamayim?


    But fear generates a fight-or-flight instinct. How can that be good?


    I have been going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah for the past few years and a few times I have a night of shaking panic attacks lying in bed.

    The first time was on Rosh Chodesh Elul about ten years ago when I was in bed shaking all night long. I was at home at the time.

    I asked a Rov about it and he told me that it is brought in seforim that it can happen on that date. Apparently there is a sort of shakeup in Shamayim on that date and your neshama feels it!

    The next time I was in UMAN a day or two before Rosh Hashanah and the same thing happened I was in bed and started shaking for 2 hours.

    The next time was 2 nights ago when the same thing happened – I am due to go to Uman next week please G-d, and think it is fear of the trip or fear of the day of Judgement!


    Fight the Yetzer Hora, and flee from chait.


    the translation is:

    R’ Avahu said, the angels asked the Holy One, Blessed is He, “Master of the Universe, why do the people of Israel not say hymns before You on Rosh Hashana and Yom HaKkipurim?” He replied, “Is it possible that a king sits on his Chair of Judgement, with the books of life and the books of death [alternatively, books of the living and the books of the deceased] open before him, and Israel should say hymns before me?”

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    Silly! The fight-or-flight response generated by fear is directed at the object of fear.


    Who says?

    The adrenaline, sympathetic nervous, and cardiovascular responses are all non goal oriented.

    If a lion is approaching you and your friend, you can use the generated energy to subdue your friend and throw him to the lion, just as well as attacking the lion. If the lion then changes his mind and leaves, you can flee from your ex-friend.


    Dirshu Hashem b’himatzo- it’s so much easier during this time of year to strengthen our connection to Hashem. Our fear is that we shouldn’t waste the opportunity.


    when one of my classmates mentioned that she was so scared for Rosh Hashana If your classmate is so scared [as we all should be] will she be unable to partake of festive Yom Tov Seudos? and be fasting all day R’H?

    14 years ago, we all were petrified, tonite being 14th Johrzeit of the World Trade Center O’H; What trepidation we experienced on that R’H 5662 [2001]. As we recited “Mo bo’Eish” on that R’H 14 years ago, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to utter these painful words.


    I am scared of runaway steam-trains.


    shopping, if you live in Israel, you probably know Hebrew, so why did you ask for a translation?

    Shopping613 🌠

    I made aliyah. I don’t particularly enjoy figuring out hebrew. It’s bad enough my government tests are in it…

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