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    What was yours?


    forgetting my bag in a non Jewish snooker hall on erev Shabbos when i was 13, and coming back with my dad (he was wearing a Capple, i was wearing a cap) and he was asking all the non Jews playing there to help find my bag-they were actually all very nice and helped me find it…but boy was it embarrassing


    During a second meeting with a boy, I forgot his name and he realized it (blush)!


    Shidduch stories…….. A boy I was set up with borrowed a car that was in very bad condition from a friend. It was a two door car, with only one working door (mine). He didn’t want to look for too long for parking in the city, so he pulled into this parking lot with really fancy cars. He waited for me to get out, but I could not! My door got stuck! The parking lot attendant was waiting (oy)! He was so smart! He rolled down his window and climbed out and pulled my door open from the outside! I was actually so impressed by that, that I agreed to meet with him again!

    tracht gut

    Almost walked out of a therapists office w/out paying him..

    Dr. Pepper

    This happened to someone I know. I knew something happened, just not exactly what, a third party filled me in.

    He was dating someone seriously and decided that they weren’t for each other. He called her up and asked if he could take her to a park for a long walk so that they could talk.

    She thought he was ready to pop the question and told all her friends to be there.

    Her friends are scouting out the park until someone sees them walking along a trail and sit down by a bench. All the friends congregate nearby waiting for the right moment. When they see them get up they assume that he proposed. They jump out, scream “Mazel Tov” and start hugging her. He wanted to dig a hole in the ground and jump in.

    But the best was yet to come.

    When he pulled up to her house to drop her off it was all decorated with streamers and signs. Her father comes running out, hugs him and offers him a L’Chaim. He explained that he had to drive back and couldn’t drink. I’m not sure how he made it out of there.


    I recall an existing thread on this subject but was unable to find it when I did a search.

    I’m sure we can get some hilarious stories there if someone can come up with it.


    Dr Pepper,

    HAZIT!!!!!!!!!! THAT POOR GUY!!!!!!!!!!!


    Dr. Pepper – I always thought that the guys/gals who just cut it off without even a word was a lack of Mentchlichkeit. After this story maybe it’s better to do like those people -ya know like send a text -Nice knowing you, etc. If I ever have to break off a girl, I definitely won’t do it in person!

    Dr. Pepper

    mustangrider & Health

    I felt bad for him also, he didn’t really have any guidance when it came to dating. He tried being a mentch about it and it backfired.

    He asked me, without giving details, if it’s considered a broken engagement if she thought they were engaged but he didn’t (and if he has to tell shadchanim). I found out the details later.

    Within the first few dates I would just tell the shadchan that I was no longer interested in continuing, past that I would let the shadchan know that I was no longer interested but give the girl a choice if she wants to end it over the phone or not.


    Dr. Pepper: I am that girl’s parent!!


    Tofuti, what was yours?

    Dr. Pepper


    Where were you living at the time and where was the guy from?


    My most embarrassing moments are when MOD20 or 42 (or 80) decides to embarrass me.


    Some people surely are unaware of their emabrassment after posting in the CR. Vehamaivin Yavin.



    I don’t exactly ‘maivin’. Care to elaborate?

    By me it’s usually some MOD against me. Why? One of the world’s eight wonders!

    YW Moderator-20

    Zeeskite- I never tried embarrassing you. I think your subtitles(which Im not the one who changes them usually) are actually cute.

    Please excuse me if you were ever really embarrassed by me, since you wrote my name first. I apologize for any hurt feelings!


    we ordered pizza and in that store you pay when you’re done so we forgot and walked out. (we went back just a few minutes later to pay.)


    In seminary for one of those fluff classes, we had to act out some scene .. I was playing someone getting very emotional, so when my partners and I were practicing I started SCREAMING MY LINES VERY LOUDLY. My back was towards the door so it took me a few minutes to realize that the head of my school (a Rabbi) was standing by the doorway, and had been, for a few minutes.


    tofutti cutie are you cutie


    Yes i am but for some odd reason the mods changed it !!!


    My embarrassing story happened to my mother, not to me. She was at a vort for a family friend of ours and she wanted to tell my brother that she was going home. So she walked over to a boy that look ed like my brother from the back and she tapped him on the shoulder. The boy turned around and she realized it wasn’t my brother after all, but a different boy! She apologized and explained to him that she thought it was her son and walked right out of there because she was so embarrassed!

    Queen Bee

    This is a story that happened to my teacher: we were on a trip and while we rested, she walked over to a parked car and used the window to fix her hair. But she didn’t realize there was a man in the car! He waved at her lol


    once when all my uncles were getting into a car, my grandmother came over to one of her sons and gave him a light potch while he was bending down. he quickly turned around and was shocked to see his mother in law hitting him nicely…. it was her son in law not her son.


    When I was dating, one time, I was walking with a girl in nyc

    in a heavy crowd as usual, nice tall girl, dressed well,

    and we had to split for a second, and then i find her walk next to her for bout 7 seconds then I turn to her and it a shiksa, I apologize, look up and she’s waiting for me on the side.

    I walked over, apologized again to her this time.

    Very embarrassing!



    Little Froggie


    When I realized my mother (and accessories) could be looking over all my intelligent “pieces”.

    Including this one!

    (hey – it’s your fault, you taught me how to read and write…)


    When I forgot to order a breadberry and didn’t have any pretend medicine for my clients.

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