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    Is there any reason it is halachicly impermissible [for a consumer] to encourage a food manafacturer to change from a lesser accepted hechsher to a more widely accepted hechsher? (i.e. taking away business from the lesser hechsher.)


    It would be a boon to the manufacturer, in most cases.

    There aren’t too many hechshers people don’t hold by on processed foods. Tablet K is the only one that comes to mind. Triangle K is not problematic in most cases (unless you only eat glatt).


    I understand it would be a boon to the manafacturer. It would also be a boon to the consumers who are more careful in only using the more reliable hechsherim, allowing them to eat the food once it has the more reliable hechsher whereas they preciously couldn’t consume the food when it was under the less reliable hechsher.

    The only loser is the loss of business to the less reliable hechsher. Thus it brings up the shaila whether causing them to lose that food company as a client, by recommending or suggesting to the food managacturer to utilize a different hechsher organization (that is more reliable and will increase sales for the food company), is an issur of hasagas gvul or some other issur.


    Triangle K is doing an image make over but the person in charge is still not reliable. So it’s just as bad as Tablet K.

    Both of these hechsheirim are run by “Orthodox” people so dont rely on my opinion and ask your LOR.


    People are assuming OP is talking about Triangle K to say an O-U

    What if the OP is talking about the OU and changing it to a CRC or Badatz . Plenty of Charedim dont think the OU is Kosher enough

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Plenty of people think the Triangle K is perfectly fine. So what? If more people will buy, it’s likely a good idea.


    To take the example someone gave, if someone were to encourage Mott’s applesauce to switch from Triangle-K to OU, would he be guilty of hasagas gvul (against Triangle-K) or some other halachic issur?

    And does it make a difference if a consumer (who doesn’t rely on Triangle-K) suggested this to Mott’s or if it was suggested directly by the OU?


    If a company felt it could make more money by becoming “more kosher”, they would do so in a heartbeat. They are in business to make money. Sometimes changing hechsherim is not as simple as signing a new contract, it may mean completely changing the manufacturing process, or replacing essential ingredients.

    I dont think the naming of specific hechsherim was called for, or appropriate as it relates to the original question.


    It’s a mitzvah to take business away from a shoddy hechsher operation and to encourage higher standards.


    Substitute organic or gluten free for “less accepted hechsher”. Doing so also involves many of the same questions as smaller hechsherim do not have expertise in certain areas.


    If you buy the competitor’s product, that is encouragement enough. When a salesman loses a sale and the consumer says it was because the product wasn’t kosher, word gets to the decision makers who decide if a hecksher (or a better heksher) is worth the price, i.e., if the added cost is justified by the increased sales. Food manufacturers are in it for the money – that’s how capitalism works.


    Why are we bringing up a thread from 3 years ago?


    Nothing has changed, it is all still applicable.

    Consider it a mussar lesson for Loshon Horah – the damage will still continue by being discussed years later.

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