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    hi i hope you can help me; we are finishing school for good in a few weeks and we want to do a good shtick that people will find funny but will not cause to much damage any ideas??

    (we want something original. i know someone who put sand and deck chairs in the playground, they got a massive paddling pool and came to school in their swimming trunks and just sat there all day but we want something new)


    I wish I could help you, but all my shtick is registered already.

    the plumber

    That’s an oxymoron. It’s only funny if it causes damage


    the plumber: i wrote “but will not cause TOO much damage”

    Little Froggie: can you give me a link

    the plumber

    You can always do my favorite. Take out the pipe from under the toilet. It’s an easy fix, but the nxt guy on…


    were hitting up my principals roof and having a steak and wine dinner in our desks…waiters,candles,suits n ties etc…. should be fun!!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Rent a fire truck and dress up like firemen, and go “looking” for a fire…you will need to clear out the building,after you have pulled the fire alarm, then claim it’s in the kitchen. Get the keys and lock yourselves in and enjoy your good food…

    make sure to lock the rest of the school out…

    🙂 Smile cuz Hashem loves you (:

    Shopping613 🌠


    Any idea posted on the CR will officially not be originally after the hundreds of lurkers use it…


    Get you and your classmates to act their very best, spectacularly exemplary, courteous behavior.

    It’s a prank your teacher would remember for A LONG time!!


    Shopping- that’s not funny, just dangerous and scary for the hanhala and parents.


    LF: 🙂

    GG yekke

    rationalfrummie: you are talking about Little Froggie’s post aren’t you???

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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