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    Ben Shapiro and other conservative pundits are suggesting an apocalyptic attempt to radically transform American society with a Chinese style Culture Revolution. (Ending free speech, cancel culture, knocking down statutes of great western personalities such as Columbus and Churchill, forcing corporate America to put out statements, canceling TV shows). This kind of stuff makes me nervous? Is what’s going on being taken out of context?

    Someone in Monsey

    Without a doubt, there is a cultural shift occurring in this country. Just look at the recent actions of the mob and you see that there are significant numbers of people who seem to be unattached to previous American cultural norms. It’s likely overstating it to say that American culture will collapse and turn into something more like China than the United States, but clearly, mores are changing.

    The reason behind it is simple. We’ve been living in a post-World War II world since 1945, and the structure of this society has been very heavily influenced by the events of that era. However, that was now long enough ago that, a. the people of that era are now very few in number and can no longer maintain its stability, and, b. the newer generations have very little connection to that time and to those events, so they have no feelings for or loyalty to them. They are thus forming their own, new outlook on things. That outlook, as far as young people are concerned, is heavily influenced by their public school education, which has been under the influence of strongly leftist educators for decades. This is why people like Bernie Sanders, an extreme leftist radical, can nearly become a presidential nominee, and why a radical like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can enter Congress – the younger public is badly educated and inclined to foolish ideas, and to voting accordingly. The long term trend isn’t encouraging, particularly when you see the country’s changing demographics. The white population is becoming a smaller percentage of the population all the time. The mainstreaming of radical politics has risen seemingly in consonance with that phenomenon.

    What it means for us as Jews is that, one day, either sooner or later, this country may become an inhospitable place to live. Interestingly, for the first time in the golus, there is a place to automatically turn to. If you think these events are random, you are missing the hidden Hand.


    SB – I think they are Shooting for something Worse!
    This is just the Beginning.
    We Must Stand Up for Our First Amendment Right.
    The Libs think only certain Groups have Rights.
    Just like during the Holocaust – Aryan Rights.
    Now we have other Groups being catered too, over e/o else!


    Now, if they replaced Western culture with (real) Jewish culture, that would be a great thing.


    As Yiden we are on the forefront in fight against bigotry of course.

    What happens is, when there is a shocking case (such as unfortunate killing of Mr. Floyd) there is a shock, and from the shock it can go to extreme. There is a justifiable fear of extremism. The hype against ALL police, in and of itself is already so dangerous, which that leads to irrational voices.
    May our father in heaven protect all of us. Gd bless our beautiful USA.


    I believe there is a progression from abortion to gender reassignment surgery to excusing the murder of police because of “oppression”

    what started with misplaced feelings (abortion, gender) turned into outright nihilism (burning and looting)
    its shocking how such a huge population actually believes in it. thankfully with Trump they are not dominant

    no matter how imperfect a society is it is a lot better then the alternative. chazal


    None of us can predict the future. Here is a way to tell if Ben Shapiro really believes what he is saying is true.

    If Biden is elected President and the Senate has a Democratic majority after the November elections, then there would be nothing to stop the left from beginning the “cultural revolution”. If Ben Shapiro believes what he says, he will sell his house in anticipation of the creation of a police-free zone in his neighborhood similar to “CHAZ”. He will do this while Trump is a lame duck since that would be his last chance to get out before the revolution. If he doesn’t sell his house (and move to a rented residence), then that means he doesn’t believe what he is saying is true. And neither should you.

    If Shapiro is correct, then if the Democrats win a majority in November, the Democratic Party will begin destroying the U.S. relationship with Israel. However that should not stop you from moving there. At this point, Israel is a net exporter of energy. It also has some advanced anti-missile, anti-drone technology that has changed the balance of power in Israel’s favor in case of a war with Lebanon/Syria/Iran/Hezbollah etc. Israel enjoys good relations with both Russia and China. Now that Israel has clear air superiority with the F-35I, Russia and China will look for ways to help Israel to be a stabilizing factor in the Middle East. (Russia and China want stability to allow them to use third world countries as the modern equivalent of colonies. Look at the article in the June 15 YWN stating that RUSSIA was going to veto Obama’s lame duck UN resolution. ) Moving to Israel won’t be fun, but it is far better than living in a place where the police don’t firewall areas that the Moslems have set up as “police-free” zones under Sharia law or street-gang controlled zones like CHAZ. (Gaza is a sharia “police-free” zone, but it is walled off from where you would be living.) When DeBlasio says he is going to de fund the police, he means the creation of police-free zones. Police in Seattle and Portland are already being told not to “incite the mob.” De Blasio tried it out in NYC for one night by allowing the looters to destroy property with no police intervention, and apparently he likes the results. The main difference between Israel and the U.S. is that Israeli politicians can and will use the police and military to stop rioting and looting, whereas the Democrats who control the police and national guard where we live are no longer willing to do that. That’s what should scare us.

    Ben Shapiro’s job is to sell advertising time for his show. He does it well. If there is a cultural revolution, then he would definitely be on the hit list. He would be well aware of this fact, and it would be logical for him to move to Israel for his personal safety. However, for him to give up his lifestyle and fame by moving to a foreign country is pretty much unthinkable, so even if he doesn’t move to Israel, don’t let that stop you.

    And don’t forget to learn this week’s Parsha. Don’t make the mistake of the Meraglim and say it’s too difficult. Make Hishtadlus. Daven for Siyata D’shmaya. Look for ways to move forward. Do you have a passport? Do you know which city in Israel you would like to move to? Which neighborhood? What are the prices of apartments there? Can you afford it? No? Look for somewhere else. Keep making Hishtadlus. So often in life, we get a short window of opportunity to do a mitzvah, but we haven’t prepared, so we miss out. Missing out on an opportunity to move to Israel (or some other mitzvah) is what should make you nervous – not Ben Shapiro’s rant.



    Someone Monsey:. Without a doubt, there is a cultural shift occurring in this country….

    U seem to change opinions mid post. First, the conservative pundits are ‘overstating’ but in the end u say that – sooner or later we Jews will have to make choices cuz the country will become inhospitable.

    So I’m confused by your answer .

    I actually movef to ey a number of years ago bc I didn’t like the trajectory of the us and thought it highly possible that my children or grandchildren would be living in a Brave New World (alduous Huxley) kinda society.

    But I honestly didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime. The events of the past 3 weeks are only getting worse. And the moral rot of almost the entire youth is growing larger like a cancer everyday. Are there enough normal people left in America to reverse the tide? Believe me, I write this w great pain cuz I really love the American people, the malchus Shel chesses that has enabled Jews to live like Kings. A nation founded on Gd given rights. Nisht poshut bichlal.

    But even if Trump wins, the radical left ideas have seeped so deeply into society I honestly don’t know if America can recover. (If Trump loses , I should pack your bags asap)


    I began this thread as a question on American culture. I don’t think American politics is holding there yet. I am nervous about what millenials and Generation Z think about our system. But I am not afraid of Joe Biden, who is in fact more stabilizing than Trump. The vast majority of Democratic Senators and Congressmen are decent people that love America as much as you and I do. Lets stop the “pack your bags” speeches. America is the freest country in the world.



    Surely European Jews were saying the same thing in 1935. They at least had an excuse cuz nothing of the sort had ever happened before. You have none and you are totally irresponsible. Shame on you.

    Stop being an ostrich. If you are not aware of the cultural rot around you then you are truly lost.

    Ken zein, the normal people will push back and things will be ok. But the direction of the country right now is away from freedom. That you are foolish enough to not support the only force doing any push back – Trump is a sad commentary on your cognitive dissonance. Reminiscent of the Novi decrying the yiddenwho clung to their pesolim as they returned thier neshomos to their Creator.


    You had to violate Goodwin’s Law that quickly??
    And I am personally in favor of Trump over Biden –despite the fact that Biden would be more stabilizing for this country. Your brain can’t comprehend nuance like that? I was the person to start this thread you know.


    SB; vast majority of senators and congressmen are good people?

    How naive can one be. שמר פתיים השם.

    On second thought stay in uhmerica. We have a rotten. Knesset as it is and don’t need more naive people here who are too naive to change things. (I’m not being serious, come w all your naivete, the dangers to America are actually quite real and more imminent than previously thought)


    Dear BY,
    Is this Holocaust denial? “Surely European Jews were saying the same thing in 1935. They at least had an excuse cuz nothing of the sort had ever happened before.” Jews had just started getting rights not even a hundred years before this. By 1935, they had already lost them in many countries. And, they had not forgotten that things could go bad quickly…..
    Cultural rot is a problem. However, it is not genocide.


    Dear Someone,
    You could use some American History of the Twentieth Century. But you would say it was written by liberals…


    Dear Joseph,
    What is Jewish Culture? I always thought, that we absorbed Gentile culture through our more assimilated and lax brethren. If the mother is raising the children and looking after the house, and that is the way it is in every jewish house, what kind of Culture can there be?


    Dear Shnitzel,
    How would the right wing commentators, know what the left wing is attempting? Do you feel like the left wing commentators give an accurate portrayal of what the right wing is about?


    “vast majority of senators and congressmen are good people?”
    Yes. What made you come to a different conclusion?


    No: you mean there was another Holocaust before 1939 I’m not aware of?

    You are making an incorrect understanding of what I wrote. . I never said that a crumbling society would = genocide.

    But would you want to live in a dystopian society? (Of course there might be genocide in a dystopian society or Soviet style shmad or who knows; it’s dystopian.)

    The comparison to 1935 was insofar as not see the writing on the wall. My great grandfather left Poland for the us For this very reason. He said :. We cannot survive in a society that hates us. None of his descendants were killed in the Holocaust and most are Torah Jews to this day. Can’t say the same for his complacent neighbors. He was a חכם הרואה את הנולד. Hopefully American jewry can be that way too if the current trajectory continues and not be a like an אין בו דעת שאין מרחמים עליו on this site who proclaimed his obstinacy in remaining in America until the geula comes no matter what.

    The left hates the Jews as viciously as the Europeans did throughout our history. If they gain control which is very possible…


    SB: oh I don’t know, is the US not 24$trillikn in debt? Is anyone doing anything about it? Anyone dealing re the social security bubble?

    But don’t mind me. Go on enjoying how they pander to you; it makes you feel good, so keep on drinking the koolaid. Thesee are really irrelevant problems that are beneath our revered and scrupulous congressmen to deal with.

    How long did the US stay in Iraq/Afghanistan for no reason at all? How much lives and money were wasted?

    Anyone make a peep?

    But no worries matie, It is the right of our overlords to use blood and treasure that belongs to them anyway as they see fit


    SB:. Oh I don’t know, the fact that they have written laws to protect themselves from being sued or prosecuted for sexual assault?

    You know, like Joe Biden and Tara Reade.

    Do you really think Joe Biden is anything but the tip of the iceberg?

    He hasn’t been the only one to be accused you know. They all come to his defense or at least not press the issue – Dems and repubs alike – bc it’s you protect me and I’ll protect you.

    How many pre election promises do these guys keep?

    I can’t believe you even ask such a question.

    And if common sense is not enough: see chazal who say : make yourself unknown to the רשות cuz they only serve themselves.

    Chazal do carry weight with you, I assume.


    SB:. Oh I don’t know, it just seems like they all graduate Congress with a level of wealth that is completely disproportionate to their 200k salaries.

    But that would never ever be bc of influence peddling, or insider trading ….

    Didn’t they all jump to condemn those senators who were caught getting rich on the market from the kungflu?

    But don’t fret; all is good in Jonestown.


    All your’e telling me is that politicians are corrupt, petty and short-sighted. Nothing new here. What percentage of Congress wants to radically change America?


    As a young mother with young children, I am extremely worried about the cultural rot and degradation of Western civilization that is occurring in the US. I am scared for my children. I daven to Hashem to make this craziness stop, make the country go back to normal.

    I am scared for my children. The biggest danger is the Internet. There is so much garbage on the Internet, horrible things that corrupt and destroy young minds. Horrible lies all over. Anyone can write anything on the internet. Not only convincing people to go OTD, but convincing people to commit sins, to become criminals and drug users. The Internet is full of lies that pollute the young. Even if they go to good Jewish schools, who are their friends? As parents, we have to watch them closely. The children who go to public schools are basically being brainwashed by leftists who convince them that sins are good and moral degradation is good.

    Right now, they are too young but I plan to keep them off the Internet for as long as possible, ideally until 16 years old or older, and even then, with limited and filtered use. There are applications that allow parents to see everything their child sees on the internet, which I plan to use. But I will keep them from having a smart phone, and off the internet completely until 16. They can have a simple phone without any internet.


    Dear By,
    “They at least had an excuse……” I disagree completely. Jew-hatred was part of Europe for hundreds of years. With major massacres in almost every generation. On top of that, Jews in many countries had lost their rights that we had worked for decades to achieve. Contrast that to today, where there has never been a massacre in the Western Hemisphere, and we have not lost any rights or even been singled out as a group. Americans are getting more agitated, they are just unsure of who they hate. There would have to be a very organized leadership, or anarchy to turn this into a genocide.
    Just to correct a few things. Radical thinking is not entrenched any where in America (yet). We are too diverse and just do not care enough to be consistent enough to be radicalized. (This is mentioned in why the U. S. is host to many cults.) If those allegations mean Mr. Biden is not a good person, than what can you say for the President? I have no idea what you call freedom, and how it is being threatened. The Novi you mentioned is brought in the Midrash as Eliyahu. (As a bystander, not a prophet.) The Neviim would cring from your thinking. It relies too much on societal values.

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