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    Zeit Bsimcha, I feel very bad for you. First, I believe that some public colleges won’t charge that much for a Master’s if you live in their county. Second what types of things do you enjoy doing? My experience is that if you learn a high tech or health related field that is not popular, you may obtain skills that are very much in demand.

    One example would be to become a radiologic technician who administer CT scans, which I was told is only a 2-year course, and pays well, or to get a masters in molecular biology and work for a drug company, or possibly a degree in electronics. Do you like to work with your hands or to do office work? It used to be computer skills were a great ticket, but now everynody seems to know how to use a computer, although certain programming skills are still rare and in demand. You need to first decide what you like to do.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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