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    Does anyone know where to find the American/English Hamodia in Yerusholyim, ideally in or near the old city thanks

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    They don’t sell it in מאה שערים?


    Maybe PIUP has it. There’s one in Ramat Eshkol and at Shmuel hanavi/ bar ilan


    It is interesting that someone is looking for an English-language edition of a Jewish newspaper. I think it shows the ascendancy of English as an everyday language of Jews. The attachment of some Jews to Yiddish is, I think, nostalgic and unsound. Yiddish is not a holy language. It was appropriate when Jews lived in central and eastern Europe, and there are many important writings in Yiddish, but those writings are not the Torah or Talmud. I think English is spoken by more Jews than any other language, and we should recognize that fact.


    When the Gedolei Olam speak speak and write in English only, this possibility can be discussed. To the best of my knowledge, not one of the following spoke or wrote in English. Rav Shteinman zt”l, Tav Elyashiv zt”l. Rav Shmuel Auerbach zt”l, Rav Kaniefsky, Rav Edelstein, Rav Deutsch, Rav Friedman, The Gerrer, Vizhnitz, and Belzer Rebbes, and more. Even native English speakers like Rav Hirsch and Rav Asher Weiss do not write Torah in English.

    I highly suggest learning Hebrew and reading Hamodia and other papers in their original. I’m sure we all agree that there is nothing like the original. Yes, it’s tough to do, but it’s worth it. The non-Hebrew readers will always be only looking in through the outside glass at what is happening. Torah is in Hebrew, period.


    You can call the Israel office at (02) 595-2888.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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