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    how much do people charge, teaching english in Israel???? Do you have to know Ivrit in order to teach it?? I’m looking into doing a course which enables me to teach english for speakers of another language, and was wondering how it works if you don’t know the language of the person you are teaching it to…

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    the people that teach english in israel do not get high salaries nor do they need a course in advance… they kinda just show up and figure it out if they’re lucky enough to get the job – but getting the job is quite difficult

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    You have ambition, so don’t call yourself a loser.


    If you can teach English, you can look into teaching it in groups to the children of English-speaking families who already speak English, but need to work on vocabulary/writing skills.


    I can’t speak for Israel specifically, but having taught English as a second language, I can tell you there is no need to know the language of the people you’re teaching (I taught Chinese kids- no, I don’t speak Chinese). Language is best acquired by immersion, so it’s actually better if you can’t speak their language because there is no crutch and no temptation to translate.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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