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    Be Happy

    I am trying very hard to remove the stress from Pesach Preparations. I am wondering if its only in my family that members are getting a bit “short” with each other. e.g One person finishes a job the other did not,and they get upset with each other. We are getting extra visitors – I need extra help. Some members are obliging some find it difficult. Am I expecting something difficult when I want everyone to work happily and look forward to YomTov??


    As someone who was once a kid, you cannot expect them all to work “happily” together. You can certainly expect them to get their jobs done, but don’t expect it to be done with a smile. Kids will be kids….


    Pesach is very stressful and people act compulsively to prepare their homes. The result is extreme anxiety and frustration. This leads many people to become angry. Hiring a cleaning service for one day should have you up and running for Pesach.

    EDITED, we already had a thread on staying in hotels for Pesach, it was closed.


    estherh, unfortunately sometimes it takes something major to shake things up. B”H you have the Blessing of really appreciating the Yom Tov and seeing your glass as 1/2 full as opposed to 1/2 empty.

    May you find happiness and smiles and emunoa for EVERY Yom Tov for MANY MANY more years to come!

    As far as some being short tempered…yes it is sad that many of us aren’t appreciative of being able to enjoy Yom Tov.

    estherh, turn up the music and sing and dance your way through your preparations.

    tomim tihye

    One child’s desk wasn’t getting done, and it was getting…on…my…nerves (with gritted teeth). I dumped the entire contents of the desk into a garbage bag and calmly informed the child that the desk simply needed to be wiped down, and then the stuff could be replaced. It was just the push needed!

    d a

    tomim tihye: did you at least put the stuff into a clean bag and allow him/her to get his/her things back? He/She probably had stuff that couldn’t just “be replaced”.


    It can be a frustrating time. What I like to do is listen to music while cleaning, and do one small job at a time.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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