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    Where does the existent wardrobe come from? And where is the friend or relative supposed to get the jewelry?



    Maybe the single males you know wouldn’t know if a woman got a professional manicure, but if a male grew up in a household where the women were fashionistas , his mother/sisters got their nails done every week he’d notice.
    Certainly my sons and grandsons would notice how lovely a girls hands were and that the nails were nicely shaped and painted evenly.

    Single women may do their hair for every day life such as school/seminary or work, but for special occasions, and meeting a potential husband should be special, a trip to the hairdresser for a special style may be in order.

    My two youngest daughters were married 14 months apart. They are the same size and often shared clothing. They never shared jewelry and never borrowed. From the time they became B’nos Mitzvah they received jewelry as gifts from family members for Birthdays, graduations, etc. Occasionally, they might buy a piece for themselves.

    As for your theory that a girl could wear the same outfit for every first date, you never lived in a dorm. No girl wants to kidded by her dorm-mates observing: ‘Soraleh is going on a date, she’s got in her Black Calvin Klein and the Beverly Feldman Pumps, again.’


    Hashem should protect all of us from chalila marrying a fashionista.


    There are many men who unfortunately have been protected from that fate, and they desperately wish otherwise. The shidduch crisis isn’t just for women, even if it affects women more.


    I find it quite funny that you state that “being a man” includes deciding where to go and what to do on a date – yet you want the girl to pay for half the date? That’s being a man? I think you’re more of a man if you pay for a date, yet give the girl the respect of being part of the decision of what to do and where to go on the date…..

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    RebYidd: “Where does the existent wardrobe come from? And where is the friend or relative supposed to get the jewelry?”

    +1! Exactly what I was going to say. Not everyone has an existent wardrobe. And some people have really unmanageable hair. And there are some girls who are not into gashmius and never learned how to do their own hair or cut their nails.

    Also, I wasn’t talking about a different outfit for each first date. I was talking about a different outfit for the second and third dates with the same guy. Also, you need an outfit for that first date too, and as RavYidd pointed out, some people don’t have existent wardrobles.

    In case you think I’m not serious about any of this, there were long tekufos in my life where I did not date because I didn’t have the money to buy basic makeup and clothes or I didn’t have money for the bus to get to the date. I actually once had to ask the guy for a shekel because I didn’t have enough money for the bus home. That was really embarrassing, but he just thought that I left my money at home – he didn’t realize that I didn’t have any!

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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