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    “Btw Ahmadunejad never said he hates jews his rants have only been about zionists….”

    A-jad never said that outright, but his proxy and employee, Nasralla – the head of Hizbolla has said he wants to kill all Jews. Furthermore, being anti-Israel is the easiest way to mask antisemitism.

    “the biggest jewish community in arab lands today is in IRAN”

    Iran is NOT Arab. Different language. Difference culture. Different religion. Persians and Arabs take offense to you mixing them.

    Besides which, if you are talking about Moslem countries, there is about an equally large population of Jews in Turkey, about 25,000.

    “Thanks to israel which got them kicked out of all others..”

    Stupid people think that Arab/Moslem antisemitism started with the Medina. They ignore the centuries of persecution and killings. You have let the Arabs tell you history when they are told encouraged to lie (Islam tells them to).

    Stupid people (NK) also beleive the Persians target every other Jew but them. NK is just a tool for the antisemites. If there was no utility for them, A-jad would line them up at the nearest wall.

    BTW, do you think that the Persians will develop nukes that can distinguish Zionist from not? Or are they trying to nuke all of Israel?


    The Arabs only expelled the Jews after thousands of years because of the zionist state. And they want to nuke Israel because of the Zionists.


    I think NK should get together with PETA and start a shteibel in san francisco.


    mdg.so why is all the fuss about ahmadinejad,it should be only on nasrallah meanwhile the opposite is true.

    you are just proving my point.if Ajad Really wanted all the jews killed why does he not get rid of all of them in iran??same goes for turkey which only has a problem about israel but not jews..

    Stupid people think antisemitism started with the medina…well it didnt seem to bother jews so much because they were still living there!!and they were quite wealthy too!!but suddenly they ran away to israel and left EVERYTHING!!!! were talking about billions of Dollars.

    Israel got them kicked out.. you should learn a little bit about what israel and the ‘jewish agency’ did in arab lands like iraq,morocco,after 1948.they actually KILLED JEWS(not talking about the HOLOcaust)to get them to emigrate….

    You should read a little.


    SAM2: Why did RYBZ go to the Roman General???Because He was The top Guy in the ENEMY Camp!!!He wanted to APPEASE him!The general asked him:If you Have a pot of honey(the Beth Hamikdash with the jews that dont wanna rebel ie the perushim or FRUMMERS)with a snake(the biryonim who wanna fight and rebel against rome) around it,how do you get rid of the snake?? dont you have to hit the snake even though you are gonna break the pot of honey???

    And RYBZ could have answered you could take pincers and be careful but Hashem did not put it in his head therefore he could only plead for a few things…

    And thats what the NK are doing..

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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