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    Is it kedai for my yeshiva bochur son to learn in eretz yisroel fo> first year? His Rebbi Shlita and his Mashgiach Muvhak have told him and me different things!

    EDITED, Anyone is free to respond, whether knowledgeable or not.


    who knows him better?


    Do you mean first year out of high school?

    I get the impression that many boys go 3rd year or so. If you mean straight out of high school, he should go with a very strong chevra to a yeshiva with a good dorm and serious hashgacha.

    Ask the hanhala to explain the discrepancy, and what you should say to your son and how.

    Be Happy

    I would only send a son to a serious yeshiva that has an excellent hashgocha and own dorm. For me it was very important that my shvere lives in Eretz Yisroel so he was able to “keep an eye” on my son too. It also gave my son a good feeling to know his zeida was close by.

    Ask typical questions – What happens shabbos? does the yeshiva provide meals?

    every day Suppers?

    Is there proper supervision at night? Till what time are bochurim allowed out at night?



    what i meant by my question is that after talking to many chashuva people i have noticed that many people feel that the yeshivos for first year Beis Medrash in eretz yisroel dont comapare in caliber to yeshivos in chutz La’aretz


    Esterh, a “serious yeshiva” helps for the right boy only. You have to choose the right yeshiva for the boy not the yeshiva first. Also, I hate to break it to you but your shver may have helped you feel better but had your son wanted to hang out it would have stopped very little.

    For me it was the best thing to go first year evn if my parents wouldnt have approved of everything I did had they known.


    if the boy is a regular yeshivish guy looking to end up in mir/brisk/bmg then these days theres no reason to go to E”Y for first year. However if hes looking to go to college or can use chizuk then EY is a good choice.


    thank you everyone

    arc- please define “regular yeshivish guy” so i can see if my son is one of them


    If you can afford to send him, I think it’s a wonderful experience, if they go to the right place for THAT CHILD. My son had an amazing 2 years in a Yeshivah that was perfect for him. The experience also helped him to grow in other ways, socially, independently, in his relationship with his rebbie, and in his appreciation for everything we did to enable him to go to learn there for those two years. He came back even more of a mensch than he already was, and we were already pretty happy with him before he left. E”Y learning is not for everyone, and everyone is not for learning in E”Y. Know your child.

    Feif Un

    ishman, if you’re getting mixed messages from different people in the yeshiva, ask for a meeting with both the rebbe and the mashgiach.


    Do you have any specific Yeshiva in mind?

    I came to Eretz Yisroel right after high-school, and went to a regular Israeli Yeshiva after a year.


    Ishman- I explained what I meant in the next few words.

    I’m not comfortable giving the parameters for your decision -not because I’m not confident in my opinion- because its based on my experience and there are so many factors that come into play.

    I’m going to assume he isnt in one of the real “yeshivish yeshivas” because then it wouldnt be a question. So if he is in a yeshiva where it can go either way -DONT look at the COUNTRY look for the RIGHT YESHIVA and send him to whichever country it is in.


    many people i have talked to dont agree with you

    according to many their is no yeshiva in eretz yisroel that is fit for a boy for first year unless he needs “work”, therefore no good boy should go to isreal


    i think that israel is the only viable option for boys america just doesnt have anything to offer

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