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    We were discussing different rulings re: covid.. Here is a psak that came out of discussion of Eruvin 67 – when we have streets that are partially populated by non-Jews.

    Proper behavior in the streets, regardless of how you think and how your Rav paskens on masks and social distancing in your private life:
    1) common courtesy to do like people do and if majority wears masks, you do too.
    2) Asur to spite non-Jewish authority
    3) aspect of Hillul Hashem


    never learnt the gemorro but you are a trillion percent right


    1, If it is common for people to wear masks, one is certainly allowed to wear a mask when there is no eruv (it is considered a garment, not something you are carrying).

    2. If the goyim are uncomfortable see Jews who aren’t wearing a funky hat or a yellow star (and assuming going out in public doesn’t raise the danger of coming to harm from the goyim), are you allowed/required to do so. Does it apply if the government basis this requirement that Jews wear special clothing as health reasons, based on their own junk science (as was the case in Germany in the mid-20th century, where their science of eugenics held that it was necessary to treat Jews as a special threat to society – and note, that science was also the basis of anti-Jewish, anti-Catholic and especially anti-Black laws in the USA).

    Reb Eliezer

    I was told by a non-jew that churches were also kept closed when shuls were kept closed. They are not discriminating with mask wearing as it applies to everyone.


    “churches were also kept closed ”

    True. There is a Christian minister who lives two blocks from me. Once while taking my Shabbat afternoon walk a month or so ago, he was sitting on his front yard facing a video camera, recording his sermon to be given remotely to his congregation.

    And live theater remains closed. Completely. Shuls are being treated more leniently. The theaters may have a First Amendment case, but not shuls.


    @akuperma – wearing mask in eruv. good connection. Note to those who wear mask on a beard without eruv – this is double wrong 🙂

    re: yellow star. I quoted a psak given to reasonable people, not to jokers. When you are in a community, you generally behave like them. When you are in a shul with a different nusach, you should be saying things like them.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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