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    There is a famous story regarding An Adom Gadol who was able to sneak in an Esrog into one of the European Ghettos (aprx 1940)-

    As the story goes, Yidden lined up to make a Brachah on this Esrog abandoning their place on the ration line-

    My two questions are as follows:

    1) Who was this Adam Gadol?

    2) Which Ghetto was it, Kovno, or Warsaw?

    Any info would be helpful—


    Google is your friend.

    Kovno, 1943, R. Ephraim Oshry.

    Google “Esrog ghetto” It’s the first link.

    The Wolf


    in 1939 the Gerrer Rebbe had an esrog sent thru Trieste to his self the war broke out on September 1 1939 [Friday before the first selichos] the rebbe was in Warsaw had an esrog.the Brisker rov had a lulav i believe from the previous year somehow haddasim and aravos were also found . on the first day of succos people stood for hours in a very long line to make a blessing[no shaking] the story is printed in 1 of the generic artscroll holocaust books [maybe the unconquerable spirit]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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