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    There are those who are nheig to make jelly out of the esrog, or to use the peels. In Israel, esrogim aren’t classified as food items. Therefore, they are coated with pesticides of a much higher toxicity than is regarded as safe. Wash them with kosher vegetable wash or kosher soap beforehand to remove the pesticides.

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    the things you learn everyday… thanks!


    Jothar: interesting! thanks!


    you saved my life!


    Thank you very much, Jothar. I wash them anyway before cutting them, because any toxic stuff can transfer not only to the knife, but to the inside of the orange. Does anyone have an easy and yummy recipe for making esrog jelly (that does not require sterilizing jars)?



    Creedmoorer Aravos/Hoshainois Jam:

    As Creedmoorer Chassidim are likened to the aravos, without any Torah or mitzvos, the Creedmoorer minhag is to make Aravos jam, especially with week old hoshainos aravois:

    10 pounds unwashed aravois

    1 Tzioinish flag

    3 pounds petroleum jelly “naki mekol chashas timas haTzioinis” from Iran or Saudi Arabia

    Stick the aravois and the flag in the Vaseline and heat the mixture by setting the dry aravois aflame. Do this as many times as possible in as many garbage bins as possible throughout the Tzionish occupied city of Al-Qods. Those living in the Great Satan should refer to the many halachic works of the Admou”r regarding burning homemade incendiary devices only in heavily insured vacant warehouses.


    A600KiloBear: oy vey! I got confused & used an iranian flag & israeli petroleum jelly.

    After serving it in shul tonight the oilem said it had a tzionishe tam,

    but left them feeling confused as to if they were the aggressor or

    bring oppressed. but they were unanimous in their disappointment with the

    obama admin.



    It’s OK, you burned something from the medine, that is all that counts!


    who are the creedmore chasidim? I am a little confused. But anyways- not funny A600KiloBear- Why the sinas chinam against Yidden? I am not a tzioni but they are still yidden!



    Umm, spell Creedmoor right, do a quick Google and you will see that the above, like anything to do with the Creedmoorer Chassidim, is a PARODY of those who engage in sinas chinam.

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