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    Five Foods that Kill People
    from: Yahoo Shine, year 2011
    {1} sodas, colas, sweet carbonated beverages
    {2} potato chips and French fries
    {3} candy bars
    {4} sausages and wieners
    {5} fatty meats, especially fried

    Just curious – do you accept these as fact because you read them online? 


    YWN Moderator said to me:

    “Just curious – do you accept these as fact because you read them online?”


    I have read dozens of books about nutrition and health,
    and I have taken detailed carefully type-written notes
    for ***ALL*** of the nutrition books that I read.

    Everything that I said in my previous message can be verified;
    not just once, but multiple times, if only you invest the effort
    to study many books about nutrition and health, like I did.

    The fact that you could even question the very-well-known facts
    that I reported in my previous message is an irrefutable proof
    that my previous message was desperately needed.

    If you live near a public library, then you should
    be able to borrow an read nutrition books for free.

    you cut and paste clips from books and websites instead of having conversations. I was just wondering if you consider all this valid because you read it online.


    > If someone steals their food, does that make it non-kosher?

    Bava Kamma 113 discusses kashrus of stolen items when they are inherited and whether you can exchange money with tax collector who is considered a gazlan of the coins he got from that business.


    should I trust a heksher on spices with the name “green goddess”? Does it matter whether it has an image or not? Is it ok to use it after taking the label off?


    “Soda (both regular and diet), Snapple (both regular and diet), and iced tea are high in acid and damage teeth.
    If you must drink these liquids, then use a straw.”

    SOURCE: Dr. Jacques Doueck DDS (a dentist in Brooklyn, NY) Community Magazine, January 2010, page 66


    The best way to start a day is plate of smaltz herring and kichel washed down with 7 oz. of Vodka.
    SOURCE: one of the regulars in the basement of Shomer Shaboss shul last Tuesday


    Rabbi Lazer Brody (from Breslov) said:

    “People think they can eat whatever they want on Shabbat because it tastes good….
    rich chocolate éclairs or colas and all kinds of chemicals and all kinds of drinks.
    Even on Shabbat, you are not allowed to eat things that are detrimental to your body.”

    SOURCE: Rabbi Lazer Brody, lecture titled: A Rosy World,
    Audio CD number 374 (track 13 of 14), Breslov World dot com,
    Mosdot Chut Shel Chessed, P. O. Box 50226 Jerusalem, (972) 52-2240696


    High cholesterol foods include:
    organ meats (like liver), poultry, dairy products, and [whole] eggs.

    SOURCE: 101 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol (page 76)
    by Shirley S. Archer with David Edelberg MD, year 2010 CE


    “2010 CE”

    What you wrote might as well be from BCE…


    I love how lazer brody became a posek on hilchos oneg shabbos… it’s a mitzvah to eat what makes you happy on shabbos. Telling someone not to eat those foods, kol minei mataamim, at least in small portions, is telling them to curtail the performance of a mitzvah and an obligation.

Viewing 10 posts - 101 through 110 (of 110 total)
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