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    Why aren’t the Rabbaniem and Rosh Hayeshivah’s encouraging EVERYONE in their Kehillos and Yeshiva’s to go and vote for President Trump? Obviously, everything that’s going to happen on November 3rd is already decided from the one above, but we have to do our Hishtadlus. The Yeshiva’s should set a specific time for the bochurim & yungerlite to go and vote. It can really make a difference!!


    Unfortunately, since most yeshivas are in deep blue states it really can not make much difference. While I do think everyone should vote let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that a handful of Jews in democratic strongholds will make a difference. There are relatively small numbers of bachurim (18+) and yungerlite in PA, OH and Wisconson and hopefully they will vote. I think their main power will be in the davening and learning they do.


    Unfortunately, since most yeshivas are in deep blue states it really can not make much difference.

    There are other races. In fact, I would argue that the local races have much more of an effect on the daily lives of the voters than the presidential race.

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    To support your point:

    Ron DeSantis won the 2018 gubernatorial race in Florida by 32,463 votes, less than half a percentage point. Unlike the governors of NY, NJ, and other states, DeSantis locked down nursing homes in early March, and at the same time took steps to ensure that nursing homes would have sufficient supply of PPE, ventilators, and so on.

    It’s fair to believe that if Andrew Gillum (the Democratic candidate) had won, he would have followed the example of Cuomo and other Democratic governors in handling the Covid-19 pandemic, which would have resulted in the devastation of Florida’s nursing home population.

    There are thousands of residents in nursing homes in Florida who are still alive today because of the few people whose votes put DeSantis on top.

    Local elections are very important.


    @CT Rebbe, Florida is a swing state and has a significant Frum population


    commonsaychel-True but there are probably not more than 50-100 yeshiva bachurim and kollel yungerliet 18+ in the entire Florida. I would not call that as making a big difference in the election.
    But yes, everyone there should vote or should have done mail-in ballots.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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