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    There are no tunnels near or under the hospital. There are no weapons and have been no hostages in or near the hospital

    There may be tunnels near or under the hospital, but they are not belonging to Hamas.  There may be weapons but no hostages Have been in or near the hospital

    There may be tunnels near or under the hospital that belonged to some aspects, but no proof of a control and commands center.  There have been weapons and hostages in the hospital but….. We are running out of excuses here

    There may be tunnels and a control and commands center, but no high ranking Hamas officials.

    O k, we are tired of pretending at this point we will just give up reporting


    I cannot read American news anymore. The constant lies across the board to support the narrative of Israel being the “bad guy” are sickening and infuriating.
    Shout out to YWN for keeping me informed while helping me maintain safe blood pressure levels.


    correction: these are not “tunnels”, but “tunnels according to information provided by IDF that was not independently verified”. I am amazed by the sheer laziness of the journalists standing on the precipice of a peaceful hospital tunnel and do not bother to simply slide down and report independently from the inside.

    They actually could be pathways to/from gehenom that swallowed all the terrorists


    The “has not been independently verified” garbage is worthy of another parody. Agreed.


    Except for the Wall Street Journal (among major news sources) there are very few if any “major” American new sources that still make an attempt at “reporting” the news objectively. This is a return to the status quo ante in the mid-19th century when all newspapers had open political bias, and “reported” the news based upon their own biases. Just as you would expect YWN to be presenting news from a frum perspective (and being very unfair in reporting news of anti-Semites), don’t expect the New York Times (etc.) to do anything other than presenting the news for a WOKE, left wing politically correct perspective (and being unfair to those defined as enemies by the left, which includes frum Yidden and Zionists).

    Sam Klein


    The Irael-Gaza war against Hamas terrorists that started on the Yom tov of Shemini Atzeres which is Together with Simchas Torah when in Eretz Yisroel happened on October 7 2023 at 6:30am Israel standard time (which means it was the Hebrew date of 1/22 and in America 7 hours earlier it was still 11:30pm on the Hebrew date of 1/21) which the Hamas terrorists secretly snuck into the South border of Israel and Shot over 5000 people and also broke into hundreds of homes and took over a hundred young women and children as innocent captives into Gaza. What was the shocking message from Hashem directly to klal yisroel? Why did Hashem make this happen to klal yisroel Rachmana litzlan? And on such a happy Yom tov of Simchas Torah when klal yisroel is in the middle of the Yom tov of Zman simchaseinu and Hashem gave an extra day of Shemini atzeres to be attached to Hashem? When this war started-as mentioned earlier it was still כא תשרי that’s makes 121 when you put them together and gives you the chapter of תהלים said in times of Tragedies and repentance begging Hashem to forgive Klal yisroel and to please accept klal yisroel’s serious Teshuva that Hashem is waiting for us to do together as one loving nation so Hashem can send Mashiach already b’karov. Do YOU think this is just a coincidence? Do you think it was just an accident to happen to come out on this date and also on such a holy Yom Tov of Simcha? And then in a split second to be changed over to a time of instant fear and aggravation without even knowing what the next minute will bring? Let us hope that we finally accept Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together as one loving nation so Hashem can send Mashiach already b’karov.

    Do YOU think you can find this shocking message directly from Hashem in any sefer in the world or do you think I heard it from a Gadol Hador speaking in a shiur or Shmuz or read it in a newspaper? Neither is it from me a internet writer

    May we all accept Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP so Hashem can send Mashiach already bkarov.


    וירעו אותנו המצרים
    The meforashim explain that the use of אותנו as opposed to the לנו means they *made us* רע )not that they *did* רע to us.

    oNE tyche is : hey bashmutzed us.

    The goyim, ימח שמם וזכרכם, are always looking for ways to hurt yidden.

    However they have a conscience too that nags at them and seives them mad for being so awful.

    To pacify their conscience they lie to themselves and the world about how bad the Jews are and that supposedly justified their barbaris towards us.

    Even the Germans יימח שמם וזכרכם did this through their ridiculously crude portrayals of the Jews in der Sturmer etc.


    @sam klein, sorry the navious of the week was already filled earlier then week, and next week navi in now in Creedmoor, please seek help to deal with your navious.

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