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    “Many jews do not need to learn new possibilities of the geulah to get excited and yearn for it.
    We simply have kavanna while davening, benching and even counting sefiras haomer.
    We also have kavanna during the 4 fast days and 3 weeks.”

    Jackk all of those things, you don’t need to learn about much because you know what they are already. However, the geula is a completely new time frame that will change everything in some ways, and to be excited for it, and anticipate it tangibly and daily, I would think it’s helpful to know what exactly IS so exciting about this change, if we currently live in BH, a comfortable golus more or less…

    “Learning Seder kodashim and all the parshiyos of vayikra can also increase the yearning.”


    “Even pondering the daily chilul Hashem that exists due to no Geulah is a strong motivation.”

    Wonderful, thanks for sharing


    Maskil doresh, if you would like more elaboration on how that works and what that means etc besides for the original source quoted above, I’d be very happy to elaborate


    chabad shlucha youre amazing, even though your’e devoted to you’re community, you still want to educate people around the world with the light of torah and chassidus! no need to answer complaints.
    i think a most encredible thing that will happen when moshiach comes, is that then will be the נישואין between us and hashem, which simply means that we will feel close to hashem the way a wife feels to her husband (at the best times). a mitzvah will be our pressure to do for hashem, learning torah will be like my husband – hashem – sharing with me his deepest ideas, etc. etc.. this is dirah bitachtonim. (this is my own hergesh after learning chassidus for tens of thousends of hours over the past many yrs. vda”l)


    Yes sechel, and thanks for your comment. I’ve actually just gotten into learning the Alter Rebbes maamarim on Shir HaShirim- incredible stuff!!! One of the highlights of my week (in the personal development/ dveikus realm!!! (The other few also being in the category of learning 😉)

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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