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    I have paid as low as $8 in Northern Cyprus
    and $180 in London for a PCR test
    What is the real cost ?
    Why are governments allowing extortion?


    It maybe excessive or it simply be subsidized in some places in an effort to make people do it more often. Hard to judge the cost with emergency operations. We don’t know how much a company spent setting up a new facility in a hurry, or even to develop a test.

    If you think the price is excessive, consider it a business opportunity, and start your own cheaper.


    Why were you frolicking in Cyprus?

    (Attn: Syag, this is not to be taken seriously.)


    In most cases the Labs are setup already
    So there is no extra capital required
    Some have setup businesses to take advantage of the high prices but they outsource to an existing lab





    again, open another lab. Or someone else will.


    There’s a sucker born every minute, and many of them are: 1) working for the government which “buys” the tests and/or requires people to buy them; 2) in deathly fear of COVID since they confuse it with smallpox or plague


    The cost per test is de minimis. The “price” is what a person needing the test is willing to pay at a specific time and location. If you are at home and sneezing and your elderly shver is coming over for shabbos dinner, you might want the comfort of a negative test result. For that you might be willing to pay $25-$35. If you have to fly out to London for a client meeting or Zurich for an expensive ski trip and the airline suddenly requires a negative test result within 24-48 hours of departure, then most would willingly pay upwards of $150-$200 for a test where results are guaranteed on time.


    Clearly you are explaining the demand side
    Of the equation
    Much the same as a woman who has shorter
    Hair than a man still gets charged more for a haircut
    However my point is why are governments allowing
    profiteering in times of pandemic
    They stepped in and gave free vaccinations
    one would have thought they would control the free
    for all extortion in times of pandemic


    Loshen, most people here seem to be Colonials, and we are way behind Europe in free testing. My understanding is that in many places, like Cyprus and others, these tests are all over the place, free or very cheap. At the tax-payers cost, of course. In the case of the airport, would they let you bring your own test that you can pre-order or do they force you to take and pay to a specific company? If the latter, this is not right, and, at minimum, they should have an open bid for the job. That said, it may be that the bid will end up with a high price – possibly, they need to rent a place, train people, send urgently to the lab to ensure quick turn-around, maybe using more robust or multiple tests.

    Should airport tests be free? Maybe not. Most flyers are either vacationing or doing business, so they should pay for it, not taxpayers.


    Not suggesting they should be free
    My point is governments should be
    protecting their citizens from profiteering
    The cost of a PCR kit is about $5
    In Israel the retail price of PCR test
    is $46 at the airport
    In England the price at the airport was
    $130 was quoted up to $180
    Rents labour cant be that far apart ?


    I paid $70 in Israel


    AAQ. Unlike the vaccines, the government did not enter into agreements with the PCR test providers that would provide a fixed number of their tests at a negotiated price. Instead, Congress mandated that testing be covered by insurance under defined circumstances, and the insurers negotiate with the test providers as to reimbursement rates. The government does not have authority to set prices for Covid tests, absent very specific circumstances.

    Amil Zola

    Local to me PCR tests are no charge, with or without ins. Self tests are all readily available and appear to be reasonably priced from what I’m hearing from friends, neighbors and community members. Most folks in this area have also received our four free tests in the mail.


    Gadol, “did not enter” until recently, while Europe was able to figure it out. This is food for thought for you about difference between gov lead by a businessman or by a politician. Biden made an announcement about test availability in the middle of omicron surge and they started arriving shortly after the crisis seems to pass. the insurance approach (again, only from Jan 2022) is cumbersome and is not a very good incentive. The goal is to have low-informational population to use these tests when they need them. It got to be simple, not with a promise of filling out forms later.


    In the USA the government have price
    controls as in most other countries
    They may impose a price ceiling
    In Israel it’s on staples like eggs milk etc
    South Africa have it on bread
    So although they have a competition board they themselves can dictate max and min pricing
    My question was and remains why are they allowing PCR
    testing in most countries to be unaffordable to the masses ???
    They have limits in some countries how much one can charge for masks


    Loshen, it sounds like encountered this singularly in one of the busiest airports of the world, and also at the height of Omicron.

    I googled right now, you can get PCR at Heathrow for 60 GBP next day and 80 same day; 4 hour! for 120. Maybe you should arrange the next day test?

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