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    In last week’s WH telephone news conference announcing that Sudan had joined the Israeli peace agreement with UAE, Netanyahu wisely sidestepped repeated efforts by Trump to get an explicit endorsement for the election. Instead, Bibi “thanked” Trump for his efforts on the peace treaty and pressure on Iran. Netanyahu had already sensed the writing on the wall and had reached out to Biden through American friends to begin some sort of rapprochement.
    If Biden was smart, he will begin navigating around the left wing crazies in the party and make clear from the outset that only HE will set U.S. foreign policy and maintaining good relations with EY will be a priority. This would be a great political messaging opportunity to show that he is not yielding to the Bernie Sanders/AOC wing of the party. He will obviously push for some changes in the settlements issues and two state solution but I suspect that he and Bibi will plan on an early WH meeting to signal that the U.S.-Israeli relationship remains strong.


    Frankly I would not hold my breath, Bernie AOC and company will dictate his foreign policy.

    ☕️coffee addict


    Wake up and smell the coffee 😉

    Pelosi’s 25th amendment was directed at joe

    He won’t have any time in office to do anything to benefit Israel if he wanted to


    CA: I don’t want to burst your caffeine high but you may be surprised at the degree to which Biden will call the shots and not be captive to the Sanders/AOC cabal. Pelosi’s 25th amendment Commission was not directed at Biden. If you have any doubts, just do a bit of research as to how it evolved and the political calculus leading to its introduction. Hint: The 25 Amendment Commission was first conceived in an American University law school class taught by Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and which he subsequently introduced as legislation back in March 2017 and again in the current Congress in 2019. Pelosi decided it was good politics to remind the public about the issue when the White House became “ground zero” for covid last month. Ted Cruz, an otherwise really smart lawyer, quickly decided it was equally good politics and a great conspiracy theory to claim Pelosi’s real motive was to set up Harris as acting President under the direction of Bernie and AOC. It was a good comic relief for several weeks leading up to the election. As a practical matter, with a geriatric president and president elect, it would be smart to deal with the issue a lot better than the uncertain prevailing under the vague 25th Amendment language.


    There’s a trend:

    Bill Clinton pressured Israel into Oslo and otherwise was heavy handed against Israeli settlement policies.

    George W. Bush laid off Israel on settlements and otherwise was supportive of Israel.

    Barack Obama condemned Israel at the UN and otherwise opposed Israeli policies.

    Donald Trump was the most supportive of Israeli policy in American history, recognized Jerusalem, the Golan, moved the embassy and numerous other favors for Israel.

    Is Biden coming from the Bush/Trump school of thought or from the Clinton/Obama school of thought?

    You decide.


    1. Trump was the best for Israel.

    2. Joe isn’t really mentally there, so his policies could be dictated by a secular, Left-Wing, San Fransicko nutcase who inter-married a non-observant Jew. That Yid doesn’t have a strong Jewish identity. The so-called “Jews” that will be in the Biden/Harris administration are likely to be relatively worse than their Trump/Pence counter-parts.

    3. I would be less skeptical of the Biden/Harris administration if it did NOT overturn any of Trump’s policies that made it easier for Israel. For example, if they didn’t move the embassy to Tel Aviv or denounce the Golan, then I wouldn’t be as critical. However, Israel is also affected by other countries, and if they turn a blind-eye on Shia-Islamist Iran, that could be a problem for Israel as well. It would also be an issue for the Gulf Arab states too. It’s all a big chess game.

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