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    Being a staunch former oot (is it ever former or are u an oot even if uve lived here for many years?)i have long had a distrust/fear of Brooklynites over the last few weeks ive had to spend time in BP and Flatbush for business and had to interact with many many Brooklynites i found them for the most part very nice and even friendly even though i was an interloper (was there on business for a non Brooklyn Yeshiva). Was everyone perfectly nice? no but the vast majority treated me very kindly.

    Very often we deride others based on where they were born or were they reside this is very unfair, and certainly we need to be understanding of others who were not brought up with the same kind of frumkeit as we were.

    Let us all embrace what makes us different and celebrate what we all do share. Just wanted to give a little shout out to the Brooklyn posters. 🙂


    Last time I was in Brooklyn I looked for a tree.

    I couldn’t find one.

    They claimed there were trees in prospect park, but they said it was too dangerous to go there.

    Who knows what could happen if you see a tree?



    Let you know when I leave my bunker.

    btw there was a project by the mayor of this great city, to plant one million trees. One place quite obvious is along 37th street, between Fort Hamilton and 9th Avenues. Saw it last time I was in Brooklyn.

    Feif Un

    I just try to avoid Brooklyn as much as possible. Over-crowded, noisy, messy, and people are rude. Not to mention alternate-side parking!


    People don’t feif un in brooklyn! Do I appear to be rude? I’m a .. as my screen name implies. So are a lot of other kind & polite people in Brooklyn.

    I think it says somewhere in the Chofetz Chaim about talking (writing) negative about a Rabim. Don’t know for sure.


    “One place quite obvious is along 37th street, between Fort Hamilton and 9th Avenues”

    Uh, I think that might be Greenwood Cemetary you were seeing.

    Unless that’s 36th street. Which by the way, has some of the nicest views in Bklyn. In fact, its a very popular bird watching destination (yeah, sounds weird, but its true)

    Can’t speak about Flatbush, but BP (at least to us BPers) is 40th – 59th / 11th – 19th.

    Epicenter is 13th ave / 50th, which is very noisy and abrupt. As you drift outwards, it gets quieter and nicer


    While I am all about moving OOT, something that I always found interesting was that many OOTers call NYers obnoxious, loud, rude etc But I have never heard a NYer call an OOTer a derogatory name…. Point to ponder


    bpt: No, I was refering the the side oppisite the cemetary. Take a look. Count them!


    Opposite the cemetary? Isnt the train yard / bus depot there?

    See? I TOLD you BP ends at 40th st. And I just passed the Ft. Hamilton / 36th intersection this past Sunday. Talk about seeing the forrest and missing the trees (no pun intended!)


    Kol Haposel B’mumo Posel.

    I’ve lived OOT and also a resident of Brooklyn. There is no less rudeness OOT than in Brooklyn. Interesting, I find OOT’ers to be far more nosy than those living in Brooklyn and much more lason hara is spoken by OOT’ers than those living in Brooklyn. People who live in Brooklyn tend to mind their own business.


    ok i can see the good will i tried to start with my original post is falling on deaf ears what a shame


    Could we focus on positive straits instead. It makes me a happier and better person reading someone’s good qualities. btw I’m a Brooklyn OOTer.


    I love deriding Brooklyn.

    Brooklyn is not people.

    Brooklyn is not a thing.

    Brooklyn is not even an idea.

    It is a place.

    Really awesome people talk about places.


    sacrilege seems to have got it right. I am a born and bred New Yorker. Of all the times I had to stay OOT (and i have been in some OOT places for 3-4 months at a time) I felt so awkward when strangers were overly polite. Whenever I get back to the hustle and bustle of New York City, I appreciate the ability to come and go and do my own thing without nosy or well-meaning people bothering me, as everyone in NY is too busy with their own life to notice you.


    I live in brooklyn and have lived here all my life.(don’t have any intentions of moving either)- I think its a great place to live and that most people are very nice just think about the ratio of the amount of people living here and the amount of rude people, compared to the amount of people in an OOT community and the amount of rude ppl there. It is really almost equal- I think.

    ha ha ha ha

    oh quite it ME KAMCHA YISROEL no matter where you live we are the best nation in the world!!! yay for bp yay for ot

    why don’t you squabble about something differant for a change????


    ha ha ha ha: I think you’re too serious and matter-of-fact like for your name. choose a new which more reflects your personality.


    I did! (?)


    I used to be prejudiced against brooklyn and people in NY in general. That was until i went to camp and met some of the nicest people in the world and made the best friends ever – all from NY!!!! People there are awesome! But you may find people you dont get along with their just as in every city you would visit!



    Bump of the day.

    Shticky Guy

    ANOTHER bump? You had better stop soon. There cant be anything left in your closet by now. Next time you look there will probably only be your skeletons left lol. (Though knowing goq it would not stop him welcoming them to the coffeeroom… !)


    Shticky i cant help it these threads make me go bump in the night


    I don’t know— as a Monsey resident, I listen out for the school bus in the morning. When I hear a car driving, I know it’s here.

    I was at my friend on Avenue I and I kept turning my head every time I heard a car. I got a serious crick in my neck.

    I’ve only really ever been to Brooklyn a couple times, and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. All I can say is that anywhere with a jaywalking law is too citified for me.


    Ugh, NY…

    I’m a born and bred New Yorker and I am counting down the days until I finish Graduate School so that I can move the heck out’ve here. My siblings all live OOT and when the plane touches down in JFK my depression level soars..

    NY (Specifically Bklyn) is overcrowded, pompous and rude.



    “NY (Specifically Bklyn) is overcrowded, pompous and rude.”

    Yeah, but we have Boro Park, so that outweighs a lot of bad.


    Boro Park is the watering hole..

    Count me out!


    brooklyn is so chillled you just chill here its the best place around. In OOT, you walk out of your house at 8pm, you feel depressed cuz its DEAD. In brooklyn you walk out of your house many hours later then that, there are still people around, people to talk to, place to daven. you people are ridiculous! you wanna live a depressed life OOT??? Your next door neighbor lives a mile away. Then they say in brooklyn you don’t know the person around the block from you. I don’t neccesarily think thats always true but the fact is, i know all the people on my block, and that is over 50 frum heimeshe families. In OOT you may know all the people in your city but its still less then 50 people. So the next time you bash brooklyn, just remember that your missing out alot! Oh and i love when they say that brooklyners are rude, biggest joke i ever heard. THe same rude people are OOT. Just since there are more people in brooklyn, so you see more rude people. OOT there are less people bichlal so ofcourse there are less rude peopl!!

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