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    If there was one lesson to be learned from election 2020 is the total fallacy of identity politics, take the Latino vote for example, lumping a white Cuban, a black Puerto Rican and a indigenous Mayan from Guatemala all under one group is just absurd, Trump game plan of targeting each subgroup paid off with the fact that he won 57% of the Latino vote in FL. and he won in the Rio Grand Valley TX an area the is 85% Latino and Hilary won with 30-40% margin.
    Michelle Bachmann and Maxine Waters were both Congresswomen and had nothing in common besides the fact they are female.
    A Frum person in Boro Park and a secular progressive in Berkley or the Pacific NW will not agree on anything from Israel to school choice to the Green New Deal, yet both are “the Jewish Vote”
    I hope the lesson learned is not to make group assumptions.

    Avi K

    For that matter there are many overlaps. What about a biracial person? What about a Jew from Latin America? The principal of a mostly-Latino JHS in NYC is a Chabadnik who was born in Chile and lived in other Latin American countries. Parents and pupils are constantly amazed when he speaks to them in fluent Spanish. For that matter, are Sephardic Jews Hispanic? My grandmother was born in Turkey. She called her Ladino language Spanish and could converse with Puerto Ricans.



    You give Trump too much credit for losing. Whatever he did, it was not enough and he lost.
    Biden won despite the fact of what Trump did.

    By the way, Trump is the master of lumping groups of people together.

    Mexicans, Muslims, Immigrants, Blacks, Women, Blue States, Pocahantas, etc….

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    …deplorables, klansman, white supremacists…


    @Jackk, your wrong, Trumps team knew that the Cuban vote is different than the Venezuelan vote and that is different than the Mexican vote and that is different the Puerto Rican vote.
    That is why he won about 60% of the Florida Latino vote and flipped the Rio Grande Valley after Hillary won that with 60% of the vote. sorry numbers don’t lie.
    PS The Latino GOP vote flipped 2 blue congressional districts red in Miami


    Commonsaychel: “I hope the lesson learned is not to make group assumptions.”

    Unfortunately for everyone in the world, the lesson learned is that you’d get better results if you hire companies like Cabridge Analytica. Differentiating between the frum person in Boro Park and the secular progressive in Berkley is child’s play even if both have flip phone and no social media accounts.


    There isn’t even an orthodox Jewish vote bloc. Charedi areas in Brooklyn voted overwhelmingly for Trump. Modern Orthodox areas in Bronx and Manhattan voted overwhelmingly for Biden. I would add anecdotally that some of the most strident Trump bashing I have ever heard in person is inside Modern Orthodox synagogues, and not just those associated with the Orthodox Left.


    Trump didn’t “flip” the Rio Grande Valley. He just did better than Republicans usually do there.

    Those two congressional districts in South Florida had been held by Republicans for decades prior to 2018.


    @Charlie Hall there is a orthodox Jewish bloc, perhaps not a identifiable MO Jewish bloc because they are intermingled with non orthodox Jewish for example on the UWS its amounts to 5-10% of the total vote, and slightly higher in the Bronx.
    The 48, 41, 62 and 93 assembly districts are majority frum and you can detect election patterns from that, if you look at clusters of election districts in the frum areas in KGH, Forest Hills, Far Rockaway and the five towns you can detect voting patterns.
    Bashing someone in a Young Israel social hall does not constitute a voting pattern anymore than praising someone in a Chasidisher kavah stebble.


    @commonsaychel Can’t agree more. Identity politics, in my opinion, are mostly from white liberal Americans who want to be “woke” without actually doing anything useful to help.


    “Trump didn’t “flip” the Rio Grande Valley. He just did better than Republicans usually do there.”

    This is what happened in Starr County. After losing the county by 60 percentage points to Hillary Clinton, President Donald Trump lost it by just 5% to Joe Biden.

    In neighboring Zapata County, which Clinton won by 33 percentage points in 2016, voters didn’t just swing more to the right — the county flipped all the way red.

    And that trend continued all the way up and down the Texas-Mexico border, where Trump won 14 of the 28 counties that Clinton had nearly swept in 2016 while winning by an average of 33 percentage points.
    Btw the two congressional seat that flipped in Florida had Cook Report PVI of D+5 and D+6 and were rated Safe Democratic

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