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    sometimes ill have very depressive feelings about myself then a couple minutes later i wont.and il be wondering why i was having those bad feelings.then theyll come back full force.i cant know when a feelhng will come.any advice?


    I hope its ok that I keep responding… maybe something triggers those thoughts


    Being a member of the human species can greatly affect your feelings, moods. So can a great number of other factors. To name a few, hormonal balances and changes, gender, age etc. (no idea if your male or female, teenage or older etc).

    If it’s something really out of the ordinary or it brings you ?? ????? to suicidal thoughts, then you must at once see a doctor. (Oh, not me)


    no its totally fine.you actualy have amazing replies.keep it up.keep on posting.my feelings are unpredictable.some feelings im too embarresed to tell someone about them.why did hashem create us to be so complex and confused.nothing is simple. the past few days ive been trying to sort out my feelings and havent done any of my social anxiety work.and i cant even explain to my father why.should i stop this soul searchimg.


    I feel like youre in my head because I have the same questions as you. But imagine this. If you accomplish something that was easy for you to do, you dont feel any major satisfaction. But when you accomplish something that was hard for you to do, theres no greater feeling! So every time you struggle you need to make a decision. Do you give in or do you fight back? Thats part of lifes complexity. We become confused because we want to take the easy way out and just leave things as they are. But at the same time we know that we need to conquer our demons. The choice is hard to make! As I mentioned in another thread, I was anorexic so i see a nutritionist and a therapist. One day I was particularly fed up and angry. I figured that its just easier to not eat because then I wont spend my time being upset about every calorie. My nutritionist gave me a killer look and said to me “are you a quitter??” When she said that, I realized that im really not one to quit. Im a fighter! No matter how hard it is we need to persevere because we don’t want to lead a miserable existence. I dont encourage you to stop soul searching. It might be painful in the interim but youll gain such clarity about yourself. Youll come to appreciate your complexity and the different facets of your personality.


    but i feel im abandoning the world around me in this soul searching.im not doiog my social anxietx homework.btw right now my parents think im just dealing with social anxiety and not s/t deeper and more complex.


    I see what youre saying but in order to understand the world, you need to understand yourself. If you arent happy then the world seems like such an evil place so the only way to ultimately enjoy your life is to sort out your feelings, accept yourself, and reach your potential. Im not sure what your social anxiety homework is but maybe every day set aside some time just for that, make it into daily goals. Preferably small goals so it will seem more manageable. If its hard to talk to your parents about whats really going on, maybe write a letter instead. Sometimes its easier to express yourself in writing.


    I know it’s hard but stop wondering why you have depressing thoughts THAT JUST FEEDS INTO THE VICOUS CYCLE if you don’t want to think about lions tigers and bears( oh my) then you don’t tell yourself “I don’t want to think about lions tigers and bears” , you think about zebras. same here don’t beat yourself up over being depressed move on from the depressing feeling and don’t worry about WHY it happened just then try thinking about stuff that makes you feel good about yourself.

    and don’t worry about abandoning the world around you. it is very possible that your social anxiety AND your depression are both symtoms of the same underlying problem , and working on one will positively affect the other issue . have a great yom tov and always keep smiling. we are all rooting for you!!


    @keep climbing: good luck with the learning tonight. Maybe you can find someone nice to learn with and make a new friend. Thinking of you and hoping all goes well… have a great yom tov!


    It’s difficult sometimes going through different things. Don’t dwell on the negative feelings though. Take some time to sit and clear your mind, and let relaxing thoughts flow. Speak to Hashem and ask Him to help. Take a few minutes everyday to clear your mind and relax.

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