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    Why do people feel the need to show off their going to Miami and going out to fancy restaurants pictures on Whatsapp? No one really cares what you ate. There are many other things to do in Miami besides eat; there are plenty of restaurants in New York. Why do people feel the need to show off? If you want to enjoy yourself, by all means go for it, but why the need to show off?

    Amil Zola

    I don’t use that platform. I do see some travel pictures from family in a private group,nothing that would trigger me.


    People can’t confirm if they are actually having a good time without likes. More likes the better time you had.


    Social media destruction of humanity


    מה טובו אוהליך יעקב, bilaam saw that the entrances of the yidden’s tents were not put opposite one another

    The bracha of Jewish survival is tznius and privacy. אין הברכה שורה אלא על דבר הסמוי מן העין, brochos only go on things that are not seen.

    Sam Klein

    Let us all stop looking at each other and what each person has or does that we don’t have or don’t do and instead count our blessings for everything Hashem has blessed us with. From beautiful children to a parnassa to Health etc….. And everything else between.

    No need or use for causing yourself pain by being jealous about anything cause Hashem has already decreed on Rosh Hashanah what will IYH be for you and your family for this year.


    “The bracha of Jewish survival is tznius and privacy”
    “No need or use for causing yourself pain by being jealous about anything”

    Both are the themes of frum yidden in yeshivish lvush posting photos at 2AM motzo shabbos of their escapades in South Beach on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds….
    It may come as a shock but some of us cannot imagine willingly getting on a plane to South Florida absent a visit to an elderly snow bird relative or giving a speech at some trade association meeting and then getting out of town asap.


    When I go on a trip, most of the time the principal purpose of the trip is photography. As such, of course, I share the images I produce — that’s the entire point.

    The Wolf


    “When I go on a trip, most of the time the principal purpose of the trip is photography”
    You can stay home and post photos of your wife’s chulent and claim it is a $59 chulent entree from the most expensive restaurant in South Beach and photoshop a picture of a smiling mashgiach in the background


    People were showing off their money long before social media. Consider handbags covered in someone else’s initials, overpriced automobiles, overpriced homes, overpriced tallises, elite universities, shirts with reptiles or horses on them. I grew up surrounded by that junk, but I learned that it was, well, junk.


    There’s also the safety aspect to consider.
    While publicly posting pictures of your vacation, consider the fact that you’re also publicly advertising an unoccupied house (yours).
    There have been instances where houses have been broken in to and robbed after their owners posted vacation photos online.
    In addition, if you’re a woman traveling alone, be mindful of your personal safety. Women have been attacked in the past because of this! Unfortunately, there are those who see a woman traveling alone as an easy target. Thanks to the photos that she’s foolishly posted online, these criminals not only know that there’s a woman traveling alone, they also know her name, what she looks like, and which hotel she’s staying at!


    Goldilocks, great tips! If you need to post those photos, do it after coming back.

    Also, please consider that school finance committee can also find those videos when you are asking for a discount.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    and then there’s aaq who can’t pass up an opportunity to accuse frum jews of financial fraud. Thank you for your consistency.


    Why would a woman be traveling alone??


    Ujm, for the same reason anyone would travel.
    We all enjoy a vacation every now and then.
    This world is full of independent women who don’t see the lack of a traveling companion as a reason to stay in quarantine permanently. 😉


    “Why would a woman be traveling alone??”

    : Are you offering your services as a “heimeshe travel companion” ?If so, where does the line form?

    bored_teen 💕

    1- “No one really cares what you ate.”
    Part of the problem is that people do care. They want to know every detail about people’s lives. There wouldn’t be any users on social media if people didn’t want to see your what you ate, what trip you went on, how perfect your family is etc.

    Gadolhadorah- 😂


    Gadolha, not everyone who dresses yeshivish is actually living within the parameters of what that term entails. You’re dismissing the 10s and thousands of sincere yungeleit and their families who have never taken trips and don’t even have a social media presence (I’m included in both of those categories).

    It’s like if I quote a chazal about derech eretz, instantly someone looking to be a leitz and deflect mussar will chime in about charedi people with bad middos – learn Torah and attempt to your best abilities to fulfill it, instead of justifying your( not your own personally, I’m speaking in general) own shortcomings by claiming that “see, even the charedim do XYZ”

    Leitz achas docheh meah tochachos


    AVD: Well stated. There is a strange generational component about obsessively “sharing” your life online that is obviously more prevalent among goiyim and secular yidden than among those living in the “yeshiva velt”. I’ve been in restaurants with younger business colleagues and truly cannot understand the motivation to pull out their phones and photograph a plate of nondescript chalupahs with borscht (aka “beet emulsion”) and garnished with a cactus flower. Same for hiking down to see an incredible lava flow at the currently active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii where the visitors seem obsessed with getting their selfies and posting them online immediately than actually watching the incredible natural phenomena occurring behind them. In both cases, they were oblivious to the disrupted effect their camera flashes and flailing selfie camera poles had on those around them. You may occasionally see this among younger folk dressed in yeshivish lvush but its much less prevalent and usually (albeit no always) done with a lot more derech eretz and consideration of those around them


    I tihnk a lot of judgment is based on “selection bias”. As Avira is saying – A chusid travelling for a vacation and instagramming is not representative of the klal. And what Gadol sees as “changes” may simply be more mainstream community joining in.

    Goldilocks, great tips. If you need to post, do it after you are home, not before you are travelling. Crooks are scanning for this info.

    But maybe think what is important and post that – a kid with a sefer, someone helping a grandma cross the road ..

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