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    If it was up to you, what would be your fantasy amount of children? What would the boy/girl break down be in your perfect world? What would the order be? If you could choose, would you throw in a pair of twins?


    5 Boys, 5 Girls, alternating first one boy (the b’chor), then one girl, etc. No twins.


    fortunatly it is not left up to us, Hashem knows what is best for us


    It would be great to have sextuplets and only be pregnant once. But then… you have six! Can you imagine what the midbar was like?


    B”H that you have your head is on such matters. Before anything daven for healthy and normal children with a good mazel! Don’t give Hashem any eitzos! I know of two families who had 4 of one, meaning one family had 4 boys and the other 4 girls. No, they did not know each other. Each was determined, a must, it had to be…. to have the next be girl/boy. Well, the one with the 4 girls had a boy and the one with the 4 boys had a girl. Sure you would think they were now pleased and exited. Well, maybe partially as both were given the challenge of a special needs child with that 5th child. Today with so much going on and such different nisyonos that some people are tested with, please first is gezunt! Don’t give Hashem any suggestions, He has the #1 plan for you and accept it with a smile.


    8 boys- i heard you go straight to gan eden with that one :]


    whatever Hashem gives me is good for me!


    tons of boys just to help solve the shidduch crisis


    a dozen roses= a dozen girls. they’re yum.


    Whatisleft- I heard it with 7 boys.


    Ummmmm… Well, I’d probably take two girls, a boy, two girls, a boy… I’d need two girls to help me manage every boy. Oh, but, I don’t know what it’s like to have kids. Doesn’t sound like a picnic to me… is the amt. and pattern the only stuff that concerns you, parents? If so… then, sounds like fun:)


    i also always wanted 7 boys for that reason.

    someone once told me that women always want one more than they actually have.

    and, yes, i’d love twins, but don’t think i can handle sextuplets.


    Girls cost a loooot more to marry off.


    id say 6 kids in total, 1st a girl, boy, boy, girl, girl, boy

    but then again, however many Hashem feels i can manage

    Sister Bear

    I heard that it has to be 7 boys in a row in order to go to Gan Eden. I just want a lot of boys and like 1 or 2 girls (they can be twins 🙂

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