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    Rotter News, Thursday the 23rd of Adar 5783. 16.03.23:

    A price tag in the main synagogue of Hod Hasharon probably by the opponents of the reform.
    Journalist Yinon Magal reports that this morning the Mispallelim of Hod Hasharon’s Central Synagogue were horrified to discover that property had been vandalized by spraying graffiti on the synagogue’s doors.
    The graffiti reads “Resist” and a drawing of a fist associated with the far-left protest against the reform to fix the justice system.


    .Yael Zien:

    This picture makes me cry shame shame shame. Just stop everything. Everything! And you will be shocked by the terrible injustice, a synagogue in Israel 2023!!!! Desecration of a synagogue! Do you know what would happen if they did this to a mosque or a ch-rch??

    Zohar Blau replying to Yael Zien:

    And for these crimes they call freedom of speech, tomorrow they will paint swastikas.


    These are the far klept who pretend they are for equality or and democracy.


    Lifeguard: ‘I’m not rescuing a haredi woman’
    A woman seeking a job as a lifeguard told her interviewer that she would not rescue religious women even if she saw them drowning.

    Israel National News, Jul 20, 2023
    In a recording published by Behadrei Haredim, a lifeguard can be heard talking to the social activist Shimon Cohen in Tiberias, who was looking to hire a lifeguard. The call took a rapid turn towards openly hostile comments.

    “Is this a separate beach?” the lifeguard asks, referring to the separation by gender that is practiced at many Israeli beaches. Cohen answers in the affirmative.

    Menachem Shmei

    >>>Lifeguard: ‘I’m not rescuing a haredi woman’

    This person obviously never learned Gemara

    הֵיכִי דָּמֵי חָסִיד שׁוֹטֶה? כְּגוֹן דְּקָא טָבְעָה אִיתְּתָא בְּנַהֲרָא, וְאָמַר: לָאו אוֹרַח אַרְעָא לְאִיסְתַּכּוֹלֵי בַּהּ וְאַצּוֹלַהּ.
    (סוטה כא)


    It’s actually a secular FEMALE,

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