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    I’m doing something for school and I need a REALLY fast, catchy, jumpy song! Has to be jewish πŸ™‚ and please dont suggest anything from the last shwekey album, yesh tikvah or am echad by ari goldwag – great songs but want something that isnt/hasnt been playing in every car and house 24/7! Any suggestions?? I want everybody to be JUMPING and HYPER so hasta be REALLY fast! Thanx πŸ™‚

    Patur Aval Assur

    “The Appearance of the Kohen” by Yigal Calek.


    Shebechol by Simcha Leiner?



    Chabad has some very fast songs.


    How about hashem Malachm Hasehm Molech, Hashem Yimloch l-olam vaed


    Pick any song. Speed it up and change the lyrics if necessary.


    thanx zd and kapusta! i thought of those but unfortunately cant use them for certain reasons, thanks for sharing though, PAA I have no idea what u are talking about as usual ;p. Rebbyid i will, but i still want a really jumpy song! Any more ideas??

    Patur Aval Assur


    I apologize. I was translating the title of the song from Hebrew into English. Perhaps it wasn’t such a good translation. Maybe this is a better translation: “The Countenance of the Kohen”


    Any fast song should be significantly more propulsive when played

    at 1.5 times normal speed by VLC Media Player (I don’t know if Windows Media Player can do it).

    (.66 speed has the same effect, but it’s slow.)

    How fast is “fast?” Can you name a song with the kind of speed

    you’re looking for?

    Patur Aval Assur’s song is “Mar’eh Kohen,” apparently by Yigal Calek.

    YW Moderator-42

    Try Yidcore’s Maoz Tzur πŸ™‚


    Patur means ??? ?? ???? ??? ??? ????

    You know the song of shlomo Cohen ???? ????? ???? or from breslav ????? ???? ??? ??? ???? ????

    If played right, u can get a crowd dancing really nicely


    PAA – please tell me you arent serious!

    42 – ???


    I would suggest Chaim Yisrael’s “Ten Li Ahava” (it’s the sixth

    song on Milim shel Tfilla, if the name’s wrong).

    Other options include his “Yodayim L’mala” and “Rak Elokim” (the eighth and eleventh songs on that album), and

    Itzik Eshel’s “Im Ein Ani” (first song on Rak Ata/Only You). His “Rak Ata” and “Eizeh Keif” (the seventh and ninth songs on that album) are less intense options if that’s what you’re looking for.

    (“Im Ein Ani” uses the whole ma’amar and should not be

    confused with “Eizeh Keif,” which uses only part of it.)

    Also, here are some questions that might help:

    Will this be a live event?

    How long a clip do you need?

    Would an instrumental non-Jewish song be OK (what if it sounds Jewish)?

    (Have you tried asking people who have Step It Up for suggestions?)


    Yachad, Weber


    Haha sm! My friend JUST suggested yachad! It’s on my “very possibly/likely” list πŸ˜‰ thanks everybody for suggestions! If you think of more please say! I really want a “rocking!!!” tune :)!


    Yidcore were a Jewish [ed: but probably not frum] punk rock band from Australia, known for playing punk covers of Jewish and Israeli songs.


    (Also, I have two posts above which you might miss if I didn’t mention them, due to their not being approved for a while.)


    wow comlink!!!! thanx!!! I could only find two of those songs – rak atah and Im Ein Ani – I really want to listen to the others! I cant find them on amazon, mostly music or cdbaby….and I cant access YouTube, is there anywhere else I can find them? never even heard of either of those singers!

    What do u mean by “live event”? It’s not like a show πŸ™‚ It doesnt have to be long; most songs are too high or too slow so will probably get someone to play it on the keyboard and we’ll record it (I have no patience for audacity….)No it really has to be Jewish, or at least, accepted as totally Jewish (Hashem Melech, Zoche, Yidden etc.)


    How fast is fast? Um, so fast that you just can’t help jumping! πŸ™‚

    Patur Aval Assur


    Have you ever known me to not be serious?


    I’ve known you not to be serious, PAA, but I don’t remember if I’ve

    ever seen you indicate non-seriousness within a non-serious post.

    I assume you either hate Poe’s Law, enjoy abusing it, or both.


    Go to YouTube and search for “fast Jewish music.” There’s plenty.

    Patur Aval Assur


    I think you misspelled PAA’s Law.

    I’ve known you not to be serious, PAA, but I don’t remember if I’ve

    ever seen you indicate non-seriousness within a non-serious post.

    Does this count:


    It certainly does. I just didn’t remember it.

    (I know that I saw it before my previous post because

    my post in that thread is older than the one here.)


    I have a law, but I don’t remember you having one. Can you link to it?


    I can’t access YouTube…..


    She probably won’t see that post either. : πŸ™‚


    “She probably won’t see that post either. : :)”


    Patur Aval Assur

    Comlink-X (I only just realized that it’s a capital X):

    I was making a joke that POE’s Law is actually PAA’s Law and you must have misspelled it.


    Karahod! (Remember that?)


    Also from lips there are a few obvious ones (nodeh lishimcha, yid yid voos dain bord, more that I can’t think of right now.)

    from mbd, kulom ahuvim, omar r’ akiva,

    from ben zion shenker, kol tzohola, hinei keil

    from the rebbe, niggun neshoma, boi beshalom if you crank it up,

    from atik yomin: oid yishoma, yom zeh mecuubad, yom shabbason, or do these all count as having been played 24/7? [More like 52/lifetime]

    shloime getner: nissim, baruch she’amar, ein keiloheinu

    from fried, ein keiloheinu, l’chayim yerushalayim, Dance!,


    Here’s what I was talking about:

    Haifagirl: Go to YouTube and search for “fast Jewish music.” There’s plenty.

    Cozimjewish: I can’t access YouTube…..

    Me (the next post): She probably won’t see that post either. : πŸ™‚

    The first post she didn’t see, of course, was the first time

    you said that you didn’t have access to YouTube.

    (I had considered putting her name in my post.

    I’ll have to err on the side of caution in future.)


    This time, you mistook me as being serious.


    Thanx everyone for the suggestions! We have a tune now πŸ™‚


    what is it?



    Part of the trouble you had with finding the songs might have been

    because I’d, shall we say, improvised some titles (generally a

    bad idea), and was also using the incorrect track numbers from my

    little brother’s old iPod for the CI songs (that’s how I heard of

    those singers).

    The albums are on Mostly Music as “Itzik Eshel – Rak Ata 1” and

    “Chaim [or Haim] Israel – Words of Prayer,” with preview clips

    only for CI.

    On Israel-music, IE’s is called “Only You – Part 1,” “Words of

    Prayer” is again listed under Chaim Israel, and both have

    nine-minute album previews with low audio quality

    (the CI samples are not the same as the Mostly Music ones).

    The samples of the songs I mentioned start at

    the following times in the Israel-music previews:


    “Rak Elokim” – :45,

    “Ahava Balev” – 4:30

    “Chatan Kala” (YL) – 3:00 (You won’t hear the part I was thinking of.)


    Im Ein Ani 0:00

    Rak Ata – 4:30

    Eize Kif – 6:00


    Also, Grooveshark (a site that plays music for free) has the three songs by IE (listed as”ise kif” and “Rakata” in addition to “Im Ein Ani”).


    Thanx Comlink πŸ™‚ I kinda needed a song in December though:)

    Music Fan

    oseh shalom by ira heller its on evanal beats its an awesome song like all other songs on the album

    Music Fan

    also tomshich by dovid gabay which is also on beats.

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