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    I’m wondering how often do fathers interact/play with their children? Is it everyday, only on the weekends, or once in a while when told to do so?

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    depends on the person. I suggest you accept and appreciate your husband for who he is… If you have an individual concern like this take it up with a therapist. you are not going to change anything for the better by riling up a conversation regarding it here… Every person is different so pple here will not be able to give you the advice that you NEED!


    About once every two weeks.


    More: Thanks for being so blunt. I’m not complaining about my husband at all, and of course I love and appreciate him for who he is. I just wanted to see if its typical for the mother to interact/play with the children much more then the father. That’s all.


    my pleasure;) well they say that after gil chinuch it’s mainly the fathers responsibility for the son up until then the mothers. the mother is responsible for the daughter up until she is married. but again, everyone is diff so you do what works for you!


    well my opinion on the subject is: do what you feel comfortable with

    kids always love parents spending time with them and their childhood memories and experiences are really important

    the more the better of course dont over-do it

    as far as girls go fathers relationships with their daughters are important as they have imput on the childs marriage relationships

    good luck and remember do what works for you

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    The fathers should never interact with the kids before they know how to learn chumash.

    The fathers are busy at work all day (for those that are) and don’t want to be forced to do more work 🙂


    playing with your children is not work.

    make sure that fathers do not consider watching their own kids (if the mom is out of the house) to be babysitting.

    it is not. it is his own child.

    wake up folks….mother and father they can watch the kids equally


    Is mra01385 a gilgul of PBA? This thread is almost as funny as PBAs ‘no more blood donations” thread.


    A father daughter relationship goes ways beyond the fact that he has input on who she marries. The person who said that implied besides when it comes to marriage he has no reason to have anything to do with his child. Parenting is a team effort. Atleast it is/was in my house . I think some of these answers must be jokes otherwise I’m scared.


    the gemara says that a father is closer to his daughter than his sons and a mother is closer to her sons than her daughters.

    prehaps that is what the guy means….;)

    also a fathers relationship with his daughter will impact what sort of relationship she will have with her spouse. same with a mother to a son.

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