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    Does anybody realize the music this year are coming out very slowly and barely hits have shown or its only me who has a certain taste


    i can’t actually understand your post.


    Do you mean not a big variety of brand-new music to choose from?

    live right

    I have noticed… this has been a very slow year for music. I am constantly in need of new music stimulation and it hasn’t been coming!!! Somebody out there : put out something good!!!!

    Shopping613 🌠

    There is! Ari golwag put out 2 singles that are hits and the whole album is coming in less than a month, Avraham Fried just put out a yiddish album for all those yiddish lovers! For females Nechama Cohen’s first album just came out…..i could go on and on..

    Check mostlymusic people! Plus these people actually have lives!!!! They do other things and have famalies, dont expect music so often!!!! Or check jewishbroadcast, tune into their radio teo hear about whats coming before it happens…..

    Didnt maccabeats come out with another CD??? Or was that StandFour……just look!


    there have been very few releases lately probably due to the economy and the fact that sameach hasnt been doing as well. mostlymusics website has been down a lot lately.


    “Where is all the good music?”

    Under C, for Carlebach. Sometimes under R, as in Reb Shlomo.


    There is nothing so vapid as a Jewish music lover waxing poetic about Jewish music. Looking at you, Shopping613.


    Lets see. Two singles from Ari Goldwag, a yiddish album, a ladies album, and maybe the Maccabeats.I think you just proved the OP’s point!

    I have always liked to stay very current in the Jewish music scene. I am now 6 months into Aveilus on my father HK”M. I periodically check the websites to see what I’m missing and to make a mental note on what I’ll want to get when the year is up. So far, not a single thing (except maybe the Fried Yiddish album) has piqued my interest.

    Shopping613 🌠

    No i didnt!!!! I only wrote the interesting stuff….go look! Theres more!!!! I try to prove a point and everyone takes it wrong!!!!!

    veltz, what does that mean?!?!


    Avraham Fried released a brand new Yiddish album. The word on the street is that it’s beautiful.

    Yeedle Werdyger released A Verdiger Yid a few months ago. It is a classic album.

    Aaron Razel released Kovati Et Moshavi some time ago. It’s one of the best albums that was released in recent years.

    Chaim Yisroel released Kesem Neurei a while ago. It is a brilliant album – especially the slow songs.

    There may have not been so many albums but the four that I mentioned are amazing. It’s comforting to see that some of the albums released today are still really original and beautiful.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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