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    Does anybody know about the FDU Ms accounting program? what are some advantages/ disadvantages of it compared to Touro? Also, are the guys “older” since its more geared for avreichim? what age/ backrounds are the guys from compared to Touro? thanks. my main concern is job placement and the price (extemely pricey compared to touro).


    Who runs FDU?


    1) It appears to be a solid program educationally based on graduates who I’ve observed

    2) There are different locations, one in Montclair and one in Lakewood. And there is a track for man and and another for women.

    The ages seem to range, most of the men seem to be from “Yeshiva” and even some chassidish backgrounds.

    3) the benefit is they have good teachers and a concentrated program. The MS is about 13 months if I recall. You do have to have son undergraduate degree, but they help you work that out.

    4) I’ve not heard that it comes out more expensive than Touro. Touro takes much longer and is not cheap by any means. You may get Scholarships at Touro.

    5) There is a very robust job placement department which has been very effective. There are graduates in many of the well known and major accounting forms including all of the Big 4 firms.

    To answer Joseph FDU is a NJ university and the accounting program referred to is a program run through the University but was arranged in conjunction with the Agudah’s PCS program.

    Until he retired, many of the classes were taught by the head of FDU’s accounting program, who is a highly regarded accounting educator who still does many CPA review courses and I believe he gives CPE as well.


    So guys do it while in yeshiva ?

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