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    I have a major fear of flying and have to fly soon, any tips????


    Dont be. Flying is really safe, when a plane is up in the air it is rock solid like a car on the ground, also if Chas V’Shalom a plane loses its engines it can glide down to a landing it has alot of time to land safely. Also sit in an aisle seat.Hatzlacha.




    I was very young, in my twenties, when I had my first trip. My husband had promised to take me on a short trip and my first trip was to E”Y. I was terrified! I took benedryl or something like that to calm my nerves. I told my mother that she would have to bring my kids to E”Y if I was too scared to get on the plane to come back. When the security lady started asking me questions I told her this was my first airplane trip and if she asked me anymore questions I would throw up or pass out right then and there. She passed me through on the spot.

    I would suggest a short flight first just to get acclimated and make a list of what your fear is really about. Is it the plane itself? Is it the take off and landing? Is it being in the air? I love to fly now. Everything I was afraid of in the beginning I really love now. So try to list all the things that you think you are afraid of because it is all in your thoughts.

    Then try to work through them one by one.

    Take off is like a rush, something like an express elevator going to the top floors. You are up in the air within a few seconds and don’t even realize it.

    Being in the air is like some kind of special treat. You are flying among clouds, you feel so close to Hashem and his miracles. You feel like you are among soft but huge cotton balls just surrounding you and cushioning you through your journey. Of course you can experience some bumps along the way, just like in your car, but that is Hashem reminding you that he is there so don’t worry.

    As you climb to your altitude or you start your decent, you see the miracle of the world Hashem created. It is quite amazing to see the landscape of the world. It is really divided into squares and rectangles according to the lay of the land and the direction that land grows just like on a map. Mountains are spectacular just like in the pictures, and as you get closer, the lights of the cities are amazing. To see how cities are constructed, the roads and highways, layouts of homes and commercial areas, as you get even closer you see trees and backyards with pools … you can start reading signs on hotels and stores. It is truly amazing and then within seconds you land and you think that’s it, my view is over? We are here? Well not quite because you have all the time in the middle when you are in the air, reading or sleeping, or watching tv, or a movie. Or listening to your partner snore, or people chatting, or babies crying or other normal sounds.

    So Hatzlocha, enjoy your journey and you will get to your destination safely to start that adventure whatever that is. Take along your favorite pillow because the pillow they give you is flimsy, wear comfortable clothing. Wear layers so you can take off your sweater if you are warm and you can ask for a blanket if you are cold (if it is a long trip). Take along ear plugs if you want to sleep and an eye mask.


    FWIW, flying is statistically safer than just about any other form of transportation.

    The Wolf

    Be Happy

    After a frightening flying experience I was terrified of flying. I was very worried the next time I had to fly. I contacted the airline (I was going to fly with) and they could not have been kinder and more helpful.

    Contact the airline you will be flying with see if they have any sessions for those that have a fear of flying. – Some will take you on the plane even show you the pilots cabin.

    When I flew I was given seats near the front of the plane so as not to feel turbulents too badly. One stewardess (crew had been warned of my fear) came to me throughout the flight to make sure I was alright especially when there were turbulents. Hatzlocho.

    I found it helpful



    Is it statistically safer than having a professional driver chauffeur you from place to place? I don’t mean a taxi, of course. Technically speaking, it’s not fair to compare air travel to other forms of transportation because air travel is predominantly commercial and piloted by highly skilled professionals.

    Now if we started allowing every 17 year old to take a 747 to the mall every week and to 7-11, then we could compare.


    thanks for all the tips!!!! 🙂 yah scariest part for me is prob take-off 🙁


    Think about it , how many people get killed in car accidents every year & how many people get killed in plane accidents every year.

    I think the answer is obvious.


    Hashem’s son-

    Think of it, it’s not apples-to-apples.


    seminaryhelp, i think you should just sit and bring ur ipod and watch macabeets maybe that will take your mind off your fears. or maybe some songs lk i do not like green eggs and ham… worth a try!


    I’m not sure if you are looking for a rational or emotional response …

    Rationally, flying is a very safe method of transportation.

    Emotionally, it’s an incredible experience. Every time I take off I’m filled with awe that Hashem has deemed us worthy of learning this trick. (Landing is also good!)Lean back in your seat and think about the wonders of the laws of nature, and how they couldn’t have “just happened.” Appreciate the convenience of being able to (relatively) quickly get wherever you are going. It takes longer to get to the airport and wait in line for security than it takes to fly halfway across the country. Ah mechaya!


    go to your gp. he can give you pills to calm your nerves. it goes in and out of your system. you take it an hr. b4 liftoff. really works, hatzlocha.

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