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    jO jO

    Reading the news about Kennedy attending the convention, and giving this big ol’ speech and all….

    The media is talking about everyone getting all teary-eyed, and how this can very well be his last big show, and how he’s a macho man, ignoring all his doctors and attending the convention…..

    Makes ya wonder: Should we feel bad for him that he’s a dying man? Or should we feel sorry for the innocent girl that he murdered in cold blood?

    Speaking of that, why was Ted Kennedy never brought up on murder charges for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne?

    It’s not too late. The ol’ hag is still breathing…….

    Joe Schmo

    could not agree more. he should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. it would make the end of his life a bit more “cursed”. just like it should be.


    He did not murder that girl. What he did was worse. he ALLOWED her to die a terrifying death. I think that it was ascertained that she lived for a sufficient amount of time, that had he called for help immediately, she could have survived drowning, because she did not drown right away. His delay was what caused her death. I am not sure one can be prosecuted for delaying in helping someone. He clearly DID show a reckless and depraved indifference to life, and he was covering himself. While I definitely feel bad for Mary Jo Kopechnie, she knew what she was getting into when she went with Teddy. Monica Lewinsky was really lucky that ALL she got was a stained dress. Somehow, women associated illicitly with Kennedy men seem to end up dead.


    the reason why he isnt in jail, is because the case was considered an accident, since his family hid him, and the police were nevr able to find if he was drunk, which of course the irish alcoholic was.


    I guess, since the courts down here “couldn’t” give him his due, B”D shel Maalah is getting him.


    Funnily enough, oomis, the gemara appears to disagree with you. If one prevents another person from living (by not freeing him from being tied up, say, and he starves) he is not considered a murderer and is only punishable b’dinei shomayim. I can’t say for sure that it means murder is worse, but it does show that this is not punishable by man.

    anon for this

    squeak, how does the halacha apply if the person (call him A) who prevents the other (call hm B) from living is the one who put B in the situation in the first place. In your analogy, if A ties up B & B starves to death, what is the halachah?

    Although since one of the 7 Noachide laws is to set up courts, I’d say regardless of the halachah, the relevant point should be what US law has to say about it.


    ‘Somehow, women associated illicitly with Kennedy men seem to end up dead.’

    Well then its no coincedence, How do you know that it wasnt a cold blooded murder??


    squek, sorry, but halacha doesnt have any value in teh us court system.

    a lwyer can correct me, but from what i have read, if it was shown that he was drunk while driving, then his indeferance to her life, the fact that he didnt go and save her, pushes that act into the previous crime of dui, and makes it vehicular manslaughter. because he was never checked for alchohol levels in his blood, all it was was a tragic accident, in which his indifferant behaviour meant nothing under the law. teh kennedys are all reshoim gemurim, and anyone associated with their party, teh demokkkratic party, just remeber, oy lerosho oy leschaino. may his tumor grow to the size of his oversized head, and may his liver rot!


    The law in this country is that if you are involved in a car accident regardless of fault, you must provide or summon aid. If you willfully fail, you can be prosecuted.

    I believe this is the law in all or virtually all states, and was in effect in 1969.


    josh31, i think that law was not in effect in 69, thats the problem, in went into effect later. i think the law passed earlier that year, but at the time was not actually in effect, or something like that. regardless, he was from the most powerful family at the time, and was untouchable. hes a murderer, and him and carter and pres clinton are the “lions” of the demokkkratic party. what a great party for jews to be associated with.


    Personally I don’t think that Ted Kennedy is even worthy of this discussion. For all we know, all of this attention and “kovod” being given to him now might be payback for what ever good he may have done in his lifetime. When he does pass on, Hashem will make sure that he get what ever is coming to him.

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