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    Hi Everybody

    As you know I do not post often and when I do I try to think what I am writing before posting as once written that’s it. Maybe that’s why I don’t post too often because it is not always necessary to write what I may think. There are occasions when silence in one way or another is truly golden.

    Over the past few months there have been many delicate topics posted and many opinionated replies. Sometimes useful, sometimes not and sometimes downright hurtful.

    Although I have said this before, please think before posting. Think of the many people who have opened their hearts here or had their emotions opened by others.

    To those of you who have been hurt, offended or otherwise, please bear in mind that these posts are in a minority and most people mean well although at times what they have to say is nothing short of stupid!

    Don’t post for the sake of it.

    To end off, of course there are many, many good posts and wonderful, funny and useful replies. Let us concentrate on the good which is far more useful than the alternatives.

    Sorry for the rant and mussar! Not my normal style!

    Signed with respect



    I think you’ve earned the title “SOMEBODY” in capital letters. Thanks.


    Well said. Bout time someone pointed that out. Good job


    Thank you! let us concentrate on the achdus and the beauty of klal yisroel instead of hurting more people!


    “Well said. Bout time someone pointed that out. Good job “

    I agree, and that’s why I have said so more than once in the CR, regarding “Nobody.”


    Thank you for your kind words but they are no more than thinking out aloud and taking an extra minute or two to think before I write. It hurts me to read the distress some posters have been caused, and to what end I ask?

    I enjoy a good debate and believe me I have many opinions on many matters!!! but…. I do take care where I voice my (un)wanted opinions and I do try to take care not to offend or hurt people, especially those I don’t know, as on this site. The damage I may cause does not bear thinking about.

    This doesn’t mean I’m a misery and no good for a laugh – I love entertainment as much as the next person but not at someone’s personal emotional expense.


    you especially try not to hurt or offend people that you don’t know. how ’bout the ones you DO know? poor them! 😉


    I think the mods have done a great job in deciding what to post and not to post. Alot of things prob could have gotten out of hand but thanx to our mods it CANT happen. So BH we have a site where we can disagree w/ limit. Whereas it cant be not kosher talk. Thanx mods.

    The Big One

    Wow torahis1, you actually unintentionally proved the exact opposite of what you said. Its the ultra-anti-chareidi extreme-left that fits your bill.

    But I would prefer to continue this discussion on another thread, because you are doing exactly what Nobody is lamenting.


    very well said & very true!!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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