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    I am looking into going to this yeshiva next year for first year does anyone know about this yeshiva the level of learning if
    guys are chilled warmth of rebbeim and Rosh hayeshiva


    I never heard of this yeshiva and dont know anything about it. and my point is in general However I do not like these questions. People will only say positive about a yeshiva even if its not warranted. While there are many great yeshivas unfortunatly there are some not so great (I dont know about this one and I am not commenting on it)

    jew boy2

    Every Yeshiva is a ‘good Yeshiva’……


    Check out ohr yerushalayim. I was there this past year and its a wonderful place. Good learning and a lot of room to chill out if u neer. Also the warmest rebbeim


    Zahavasad makes some excellent points. At a time when seemingly every Rebbelah wants to be a “Rosh yeshiva” and there are a proliferation of mosdos with almot identical names, it is quite likely that few even have heard of the kollel you are referencing or may be conusing it with half a dozen others wih similiar names. You don’t even provide the location or formal name. Further, a helpful, albeit truthful assesment could invovle lashon harah (aka the Rav is not an effective teacher, the students are not real masmidim, the facilities are a fire trap, etc.). overall, i you plan to spend much time learning somewhere, it would be foolish not to visit the yeshiva, spend at least a day (or a few days if you are flying over to EY) observing the learning, experience the ruach and talk with the talmidim . Would you even consider going to a secular college without visiting the campus? Well, the same applies to a yeshiva.. Relying on the “experts” here in the CR is malpractice What may have been a great experiene for someone here in the CR may be based on personal experiences 5, 10 or even 20 years ago, something they heard from a friend or relative and what may be positve for one may be not be so good for another. And yes, there can be bad yeshiva if the test of “good” or “bad” is what kind of learning experience it will provide for a particular bochur

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Why do people thonk that someone asking for advice or opinions in the CR is “relying” on that information?


    People rely on internet advice for all sorts of things, There is no shortage of sites where people discuss lots of topics especially things they might not be so familair and get a sense of the topic at hand

    It stands to reason someone looking for a yeshiva would ask about one on a site called Yeshiva world news, especially someone not from a yeshivish backround who might not understand that its really not done this way in the yeshivish velt

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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