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    Apparently they did a study on this, and found that female named hurricanes kill more people. They theorized that people don’t take them as seriously. They confirmed the theory by asking people to rate how threatening a fake hurricane was and found people rated the male ones as more threatening.

    So my theory is that this is because in all animals other than humans, the male of the species is more aggressive than the female, so we have come to associate being male with aggression.

    But of course male and female humans are exactly the same in every respect and if you don’t think so you’re a sexist bigot.


    They are not. Female birds and humans are far more aggressive and dangerous.


    huh, cool, I didn’t know that.


    HOW DARE YOU SAY GIRLS ARE MORE EMOTIONAL THEN MEN!!!!! THATS NOT TRUE!!!!!(feminist instinctively yelling)


    Girls are more allowed to express themselves.

    YW Moderator-42

    Was Sandy a male or female Superstorm?


    Fascinating. I’m not offended because this speaks to sociology, not reality.


    That’s because they give them goyish and immodest names. Name hurricanes Leah, Rachel or Sara and you’ll see how they become a blessing instead of calamities.



    Don’t forget spiders and mosquitos.


    This is clipped from a article about female storms being less worried about “So to get ahead of the curve, we’d like to offer some advice to all the girls out there hoping to become fearsome natural disasters when they grow up.

    Be calm, and make eye contact: Eye of the storm, baby. Eye of the storm.

    Network: Surround yourself with strong female tropical storms and typhoons. Look around and ask yourself: Who is wreaking the kind of havoc that I would like to wreak? Find those storms and forge a sisterhood.

    Negotiate: If you know that you are a Category 5, why settle for being classified as a Category 3? Don’t sell yourself short.

    Have a five-day plan: No meteorologist is going to respect a hurricane that can’t stay on track. Find a seaboard and stick to it.

    Never, ever cry in the office: Save the waterworks for the storm surge, ladies.

    Remember, the sky’s the limit: Literally. You’re a hurricane. In the sky. Now act like it.

    Don’t be held back by the glass ceiling: You’re going to let a glass ceiling hold you back?! A GLASS CEILING? You’re a hurricane for crying out loud. Just shatter it.


    Aren’t all Atlantic hurricanes named with female names?


    No, they alternate male and female over a ten(/) year period. If there are more storms than letters of the alphabet, it continues with the greek alphabet (alpha, beta gamma, etc.


    So you can use that to see whether Sandy is male or female.


    the 2012 names; Alberto, Beryl, Chris, Debby, Ernesto, Florence, Gordon, Helene, Isaac, Joyce, Kirk, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, Oscar, Patty, Rafael, Sandy, Tony, Valerie, William

    sandy is a girl


    sandy`s a girl or a lady. Fact is, the name’s female


    sandy can be a boys name too (sandy Koufax)


    It can also be an other’s name.


    Yeah, but they really can’t tell if a hurricane is a boy or a girl so they map the names in advance.

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