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    As a Frum Jew we believe we are here for a purpose what im confused about is how are we figure out what is our personal תחלית (purpose) is i heard a Shier from Rabbi Rismen who said in the name of rabbi pam that we should look for what’s easy for us the thing that you feel you can to well and thats what we are here for- to excel in that!
    But on the other hand rav tzadk and the vilnah goan say that its to find the thing that goes against your nature the thing that you fined the hardest to do and thats your purpose in life to be mesaken מתקן that
    So my question is what am i to do how do we paskin פסקין להלכה


    I suggest focus first at what you are good at and use your talent to contribute to your family/community/world. But maintain your negatives at minimal level so that they do not stop your progress or find way to avoid the problems. for example, if you are great coming up with new ideas but do not know how to write well, then you can send your ideas to a lot of place and never get a response to your wonderful ideas. Your choice would be to either study writing a little, or get a partner who can write.

    Later on, when you succeed in things you are good at, you can challenge yourself to things that are hard. Hashem’s tested Avraham to behave against his hesed nature, but only in the last tests.

    Sam Klein

    Hashem cannot reveal to a person what his purpose is in this temporary physical world. Mostly due to the fact that if a person’s purpose in this world were to be revealed to him/her then either he would do his purpose ASAP so he can accomplish his mission immediately to have the merit of coming up to the true world above and getting to serve Hashem in his holy presence.

    Or vice versa if the person would know what his mission is in this temporary physical world then he would delay doing it forever so he can keep staying in this temporary physical world and enjoying all the temporary physical pleasures-which is nothing compared to the real pleasures of the true world above-

    May we all look forward to completing our mission in this temporary physical world so we can have the merit and benefit of serving Hashem in the true world above.


    *our purpose

    I fixed it. It was bugging me too.

    Shimon Nodel

    I think both are 100% true and don’t contradict one another. You find the thing you stumble over most often. That is what you must focus on because it is likely your purpose. Additionally, you discover something about yourself that you feel a strong netiya towards (inclination), something to build upon.
    So you see, the two ideas go hand in hand together. One is a focus on the negative in which you need to channel that negative and construct it into positive force in your life. The other is a focus on the positive, something you feel within you which you can build into career of mitzvos – your very own field of expertise! Every one of us is a specialist in our respective careers of maasim tovim.


    I was buzy with that stuff for 14 to 16 then I gave up trying to figure stuff out


    Asei lecha rav.

    Reb Eliezer

    I think Hillel gives us the purpose of life, im ein ani li, mi li, if I don’t do things for myself, who will and kesheani leatzmi mi ani, if I care only for myself, who am I? Improve yourself and then others. We are all together on a boat and if we bore a hole in it, everyone sinks, as the famous American saying, we all must hang together or we will hang separately.

    efshar azoi

    There are many Chazals that inform us as to what to focus on in our Avodas Hashem.
    Without really knowing you well, it would be difficult to make specific suggestions. The more Torah you learn, the more you will develop your unique mehalech in Avodas Hashem. what type of seforim do you enjoy learning?


    “So my question is what am i to do how do we paskin פסקין להלכה

    The litvish notion that these questions require a psak l’halachah is mistaken and is a sign of obsessive behavior. Do what your heart tell you.


    I think our tafkid involves both, working to elevate what we find is easy and enjoyable for us to do while at the same time work on being mesaken our bad middos.


    Perhaps the OP’s purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning o others.

    Reb Eliezer

    The Tzetil Katan says to change our nature.


    I am not paskening. However, it seems there are things you can do for others and things you can do for yourself. If I were facing such a challenge of not understanding my purpose in life, I’d probably attempt to improve my personal life by working on what I find difficult, while improving others lives with what I find easy.
    I hope this helps.

    Reb Eliezer

    The Binah Leitim explains the passage in Pirkei Avos, im lomadta Torah harbeh, al tachzik tovah leatzmecha, don’t keep the best for yourself. ki lekach notzarto, you were created to help others. For yourself, you did not need to be created. If one learns just for himself, would have been better not be created as he does not satisfy the purpose of creation, to help others. The Ben Ish Chai says that lekach has two kafs, one closed and one open. poseach tiftach es yadcha, open up your clenched fist. The Midrash in Koheles compares this to a fox who sees an vineyard sorrounded by a fence which has a small hole, so he has to fast to get through. When he fills himself up with grapes, he becomes fat again, so he has to fast again. A person is born with a clenched fist but dies with an open hand. There are no pockets in the tachrichim. We cannot take it with us.

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