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    I am starting to fill out Seminary applications. BH they are going fine but I have one slight dilemma. My father was niftar a little bit ago and I am unsure how to fill out the parts that ask about the parents. If you have advice or experience please let me know 🙂

    also if anyone has any info on chemdas that would be quite helpful

    thanks in advance!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss.

    Maybe you can fill in his name followed by a”h.

    ????? ???? ????

    Derech Agav

    I wish you much hatzlacha! i know that BJJ has a name for taking yesomim so idk…. and about chemdas i hear its opening with Mrs Jacobowitz who originally opened nachlas. shes sup to be great!!!!!!!!

    let us know what happens!!!

    Again wishing you much hatzlacaha!!!


    Thank you so much for your information and condolences 🙂 I appreciate it. If anyone else can help out I would really appreciate


    you basicly have 2 options, both of which I’ve seen

    1 is to put it in, with a “deceased” in the margin next to the fathers information (obviously leaving out contact information)

    2 is to just leave it out and there will be a place to check off “deceased parent”.


    u can do what sem613 said and put deceased in the margin.. or u can leave it blank if you feel really uncomfortable and theyll get the hint and ask what thats about themselves.


    My deepest condolences on your recent loss. Auf simchas. I think you should write in your father’s name with O”H or “deceased” in parentheses. So sorry.


    Why is this a difficult scenario? You write that your father was niftar, so by fathers name write Reb Ploni A’h. If the person reading your application cant get their brain around the fact that his only occupation and place of davening is in the yeshiva shel maalah, and that the only contact info would be via a seance, well, I dont think you are obligated to worry about such dolts.




    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss.Do you have specific questions?


    So sorry to hear about your loss. I unfortunately can relate. My father past away 2 months before I went to seminary and I had to fill out things still at that point not application but info stuff for the school. My sister this year is actually in seminary and what we both did/ do in the circumstance is you fill out the space with your father’s name ??? and then by contact stuff put N/A but they might wanna know things about who he was like questions about his past but things that refer to the present put N/A (non applicable)

    I unfortunately cannot help with info on chemdas I do not know anything about it but lots of luck!


    ayshoshee-Thank you so much for telling me your personal experiance! 🙂 As of now I am applying to ateres,seminar, machon raaya, and binas? which one is the least hashkafik? Is there any that the girls seem to be more mature than the others? I am trying to narrow down my choices?

    Can you please tell me more about your seminary or your sisters and how they dealt with the “issue” by the interview and seminary? thanks 🙂


    smile-sorry for taking so long to get back to you…i know a few girls who went to ateres and from what i heard from them they loved it. i was told it was sort of like a seminary for girls from a more out of town mindset with some (intowners still) but was more on the chilled side academically but still had academics (now to me almost every place is academic compared to where i went) i went to pninim. i loved every moment there and i reallly felt like i fit in and everything was okay and normal in the world!(i didnt want anything with academics really i was more into hashkafa,growth,seeng eretz yisroel and the “seminary expierience”) i have now had 2 friends who have gone/are in binas and it fit well for both of them. i see it as a smaller bnos sara in a way…its really good girls (who some applied to places like bjj and bnos sara) and they are more academic but being that they are pninim’s sister school i saw that they really enjoy themselves there have alot of fun and fun tiulim and the hanhala is filled with an amazing staff who really care! I unfortunately do not know much of anything about seminar and machon raaya (i can try to keep an eye out for info on it and pass it on). my sister is in levavi , a first year school. it used to be afekei torah but they wanted to change to have more of a bais yaakov type of school. she loves it there and says everyone is so caring even the cleaning lady! 🙂 when you are talking with your potential seminary and once you get accepted your seminary, i would be as open about it as you feel comfortable. it is important for them to know and lots of times they will help you with things that may be more difficult. in pninim the teachers were all the type that if you wanted to talk they were there for you! i suggest you find a place like that so if you ever do need to talk to someone then you can…im glad that i had those people!

    i unfortunately know practically nothing about you so i dont know if i can help you with “oh i think this place or that place would be good for you” if you feel comfortable maybe just tell me what you are like and what you are looking for.out of the ones you asked about since i dont really know much about them i can tell you which is least hashkafic and well the girls its safe to say you cant really know until you are there about their true maturity level

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