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    I know this has been discussed a while ago but does anyone have a good filter for the Ipad? I use K9 on my laptop but I heard the mobile version isn’t as good.

    Is anyone out there using Mobicip or Ranger Pro? Please advise if they’re any good.


    If you want full parental control for the iPhone/iPad, check out FREE McGruff SafeGuard.

    They also provide have a Windows Parental Control software.

    McGruff SafeGuard offers a Child Safe Browser app which is a look-alike for Safari, but provides parents with complete control of the categories of websites that a child can visit.

    It also sends a summary of activity to the parent via email.

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    What do you mean that the mobile version isnt good enough?

    What is it that you are looking in a filter?

    to filter out sites, or parental control?


    K9 for mobile is much more limited than the desktop version. In the desktop, the entire computer is filtered not just the browser. However in the mobile, it’s just the browser and the user can download another browser unless the app store is blocked which I prefer not to do.

    I’m looking to filter sites.

    Any help is appreciated.


    Is your iToy jailbroken? if not, I think it should be.

    If it is, start with a hosts file and a firewall and you’ll go from there. If you already have a blacklist, you can add the blacklist straight to the hosts file.

    Is your ipad connecting straight to the internet (ie via a direct mobile connection) or does it go through a router via wifi? If so, is the router under your control?


    I don’t want to jailbreak. Yes wifi router under my control. Any way to filter that?


    I agree with you, it is also my opinion is that the best way is filtering at router level, and that filtering at device / machine level should be a last line of defense and not the one we mainly rely upon. All our devices are however somehow filtered.

    What sort of router do you have? Unfortunately most consumer grade routers allow only for a limited number of blacklisted websites or domains in their web interface, then again, any modern or even not-so-modern router has more than enough memory and cpu power to handle a long list, but, it takes some bother to access the device (eg via telnet) and do it manually. Do you already have a blacklist? How many entries does it have?

    A hardware firewall is also a possible option.

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    Set your router to use openDNS and then use that as a filter, it can block categories and then blacklist/whitelist specific sites.

    Of course this won’t help if the iDevice is taken to another wifi network. If you really want full control then block the app store and Safari and use k9 browser. Of course you can just go to your “shomer” every time you want to access the app store and have it temporarily enabled. Annoying true, but if that is the control you want, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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