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    why do people think that if they have a filter on their home and work computers they dont have to have a filter on their iphone or Blackberry’s ? i dont understand it , cant you be more nichshul on a mobile device then a computer ? shouldnt they make a catered filter specifically for your needs for mobile devices ? please help !

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    Concerned Yingerman

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    You can sort of fiilter an iphone. There are parental controls that can be set and only changed with a password, as long as the user doesn’t have the password he can’t override it (actually he can if he really knows what he’s doing but it is not easy). With parental controls you can turn off safari (the browser) as well as other things such as the itunes store, the ability to install and delete apps, etc. There is also a k9 app that can be used in place of the disabled safari if you feel that the iphone needs some internet access.

    Nissim Shaul

    i suggest use webchaver for your phone. there is a free app and you only have to play a small fee per month to use it. it’s a browser that registers every website you visit and sends it to a person of your choice (for example your rabbi) which is really good because instead of a filter, it makes you make the decision of what to look at. my suggestion is that once you download it, set up a restriction for safari (so you won’t use it in a time of desire) and restrict the app store (to not download other web browsers) and also youtube. and have someone else set your restrictions password and you’ll be good to go.

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    A google search brought up something called jnet mobile for blackberry filtering though the site doesn’t currently seem to be working for me. (The posts I found were from 2008 so it could be it no longer exists) According to some old blackberry forums I found, it sounds like it is for people with BIS who connect to jnet’s BES network which filters content. Anybody who uses their own company’s BES would have to have the company set up filtering for them.

    There are apps that will block the browser all together as well. (Appblock)

    There was a big pdf going around that was given out at the Flatbush asifa that probably discusses this issue. I haven’t read through the PDF yet. If not, call TAG and they might advise you.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    From the Kinus brochure which AZ posted a link for:


    The only company that provides a filter for Blackberries is J-net. This filter costs just a few dollars per month, but to use it you have to add a service called Enterprise to your plan.

    A much cheaper solution is to use the everylock app to shut off the browser completely. Again, though, the bearer of the password has the power to unlock the browser.

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    The problem with both of these filters is that they are designed to protect children, not adults. As such, whoever downloads the

    browser also knows the password and can bypass the filters. In addition, these filters are not foolproof. In short, at this point in time there is no satisfactory filtering solution to protect iPhones from accessing unsuitable websites.

    To further protect your iPhone, you should download an app lock and lock the app store,Safari browser and YouTube to guarantee that unsuitable content will not be accessible.

    There is one additional solution for the iPhone: provides a good monitoring service, but this service has issues and may be difficult to use.


    Why get a filter? Just get the YWN App!

    Just Kidding!

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    Daas Yachid, I don’t think you need to download an app lock. There is a restrictions section in the settings that has its own password. From there you can restrict new apps, turn off safari, youtube, etc.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    I have absolutely no idea; I use a dumbphone. I just copied and pasted.


    does anyone know of a kosher way for texting? for example- alll texts sent and received are fwdrd??


    Nissim Shaul- i thought this was a very good idea and i mentioned it to someone who said “they should just know that Hashem’s looking at it” We don’t realize that we shouldn’t have to have our websites sent to our Rabbis so that we don’t go on it, Hashem also knows what websites we go on so who are we fooling when we don’t have this app??

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