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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    B’sha’ah tovah! Don’t forget to get the alarm clock so that he doesn’t oversleep.


    Stack your sheets & waterproof pads on the crib so when the baby wets during the night, all you have to do is pull off the wet, and you will have a dry layer. (I and my daughters’ do 5 layers at a time.)’

    First of all, b’shaa tova in good health!!! Second, the advice above is a good suggestion (works great for Yom Tov meals and changing disposable tablecloths, too). However, if you have a really good diaper (don’t look to be thrifty when it comes to diapers, especially for a newborn), it will not be an inyan where the sheet is constantly getting wet. It is far more likely that the baby might spit up, then actually wet the sheet from the other end.

    Most important advice of all (and like most new moms, myself included back in the day, you probably won’t follow the advice), SLEEP WHEN THE BABY SLEEPS.


    a great carriage to compare to the city mini is the Britax. It is very comparable and much cheaper than the city mini and you can get the stroller and carseat for less than the city mini. Also the Britax comes with a piece that you attach to the side of the stroller and the carseat clicks into it. It is great.


    If you’re planning to go away for shabbos I would suggest you get a pack n play instead of a crib. I think they make more sense in general bec they’re portable and take up the least space. Also they frequently come with an attached changing table with all these handy baskets to keep spare wipes and diapers.


    Daas Yochid- that’s something to discuss with the baby’s doctor, some doctors say that as long as everything is fine you just let the baby sleep. As far as strollers go, I myself have the Britax B-Agile. I’m very happy with it. It pushes easily and folds very easily, overall a good value. I’d say instead of a pack in play to try a portable crib. That way you don’t have to bend down so much to put in and take out the baby, but it doesn’t take up the space of a full crib.

    the plumber

    Oomis- you forgot the most important part, WHEN THE BABY WAKES UP, WAKE THE HUSBAND!!


    B’sha’ah tovah! Don’t forget to get the alarm clock so that he doesn’t oversleep.

    When our oldest was a newborn, my wife would set her alarm to go off every three hours, so she could nurse the baby. She got so tired that by the second week, she would routinely sleep through the alarm. That’s how she learned to let a sleeping baby sleep; the baby will let you know when s/he’s hungry.


    For bottles, we found that Dr. Brown were the best. Our kids were very gassy until we switched to them.

    If you want a real jogging stroller, I’d recommend the Bob. My wife and I got the Bob double jogger as a gift (we had twins) and it was fantastic. It is on the heavy side and is large (it’s a double… what do you expect?) but it is high quality and is very rugged. It’s also expensive.

    Honestly, nothing can really prepare you for having your first child. You’ll reach extremes of fatigue that you never knew existed. But it’s a huge brachah! B’sha’a tovah!


    Oomis- you forgot the most important part, WHEN THE BABY WAKES UP, WAKE THE HUSBAND!!

    Yeah – THAT works really well when the baby has to nurse! 🙁

    JK, actually, hubby can bring the baby to the mom, or hold the baby after a feeding, if the baby doesn’t fall asleep quickly, or if the mom is nursing, she can express milk for a night feeding and let dad give it to the baby. It gives her a little more rest, and give the baby a chance to bond with the dad and vice versa.

    This brings me to another IMPORTANT bit of advice. Men – you can skip the next paragraph.

    If nursing the baby, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get the baby used to feeding from a bottle also, and let others, as well as yourself give that bottle. I strongly prefer that the mom express her own milk and freeze it in prepared bottles or packets for just that purpose, but it’s not a bad idea to get the baby used to the taste of formula in case of an emergency where the mom OR baby for some medical reason is temporarily unable to nurse. It happened to someone I know, and the baby was refusing to drink from a bottle or take formula, and it caused a lot of agita and scare, almost resulting in hospitalization for the baby, until she finally took a bottle.

    The baby will go back to nursing, even after a bottle feeding. Mom’s just have to be patient. This is just as new to the baby as it is to the mom. May everything go b’shalom.


    An additional question on this topic.. I have heard that it is not recommended to buy stuff for a baby prior to birth.. Is this a valid rumor and if so , why ? Does it include all stuff or just clothing?


    IMO regarding buying things in advance – I don’t like the idea, but I think one should order furniture and pay for it or put money down, and then have delivery arranged for when the baby is born. Lo aleinu for anything, but sometimes a birth does not end in a happy result, chas v’sholom. We don’t do baby showers, either.

    There is not a whole lot that babies need at brith besides diapers and wipes, stretchies, undershirts,burp cloths and something to sleep in. All these things can be obtained easily after the baby is born. Only a car seat is absolutely mandatory immediately, versus other types of baby things.


    Someone asked Reb Chaim Kanevsky about not buying things for a baby before it is born. He replied that it is a Minhag Nashim (meaning, there is no real source but something ladies do.)



    wow this was my first posting! were actually now expecting baby #2 imyH in about 2 weeks. if anyone has advice on how to handle a newborn while chasing after a 15 month old id greatly appreciate it! i dont know how people do it. im always so tired 🙁


    let the 15 month old watch the newborn while you go do your thing


    Can’t advise you on this one. Ours are “spaced out”.


    Get thee a babysitter!

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