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    Living in Flatbush, there are many different things that can bother you. I for one cannot stand when cars with lights and sirens park just about anywhere. I am talking about bus stops, hydrants, no parking zones; it is all fair game as long as you are a member of Hatzalah, Chaveirm, or Shomrim. This really irks me to no end.

    Chuck Schwab

    Challahback: I assume that the Hatzolah car driver who parked by the bus stop didn’t block the pedestrian child’s view possibly causing the accident?

    cherryhillbilly: I think Challahback point is that by having his vehicle nearby wherever he is (including an illegal spot during a non-emergency), the Hatzolah driver can immediately get to his vehicle in case of an actual emergency.


    YHN- you assumed correctly. It is an intersection with two lanes for each side of traffic plus a turning lane. No, the car was not blocking anything except the bus stop thus having zero whatsoever to do with the actual accident.

    My point is, sometimes we judge people or things a bit too quickly. Every once in a while we get subtle or not so subtle hint or message that life is too short for “narishkeit”.


    What if it’s the wife parking in the spot?


    Thank you for the letter and I guess a good way to start off my post is with a big thank you to all the memebers of Hatzalah who not give up of their free time, but of also all the special times (IE: shabbos seudah, any given tefillah, pesech seder, kol nedrei etc… I think we get the idea) that we take for granted. They do an encridible job and B”H who can say how many lives were saved due to their quick responses and dedicated service.

    However, with the good you will find some bad. There is a Yetzer horah and part of it might be to abuse the privelages that come with the service. If they are on a call I don’t care where they park, it all about saving a life. But, when they need a parking spot for any other reason, then they should do the Hakafa like everyone else. The siren, again when they are on call. However, I have seen situations when a hatzalah member (was later removed) was late for an apointment and on went the lights and siren. So put in perspective, we have this fabulous system that saves lives and is a true kiddush Hashem that is tainted by yechidim (individuals) who want to take advantage of the system. It is wrong and each person when doing it (even to just double park) is at risk at dimnishing the value of Hatzalah and obvous chillul Hashem.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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