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    Do you take one yes, no why?

    A Dr. just told me she is more afraid of the flu than she is of Ebola.


    No. I don’t like it.

    lamud vov tzadik

    I’ve been having injection every week and started to get used to it. Imagine if everyone would need to start taking a injection for ebolah that would be kind of insane!


    Absolutely not. You are shooting mercury into your veins because flu shots contain Thimerosal.

    While there are batches that do not contain this evil metal, the local fascist health department in my county will not bother to separate the two kinds and allow you to select the one without.

    Additionally, the shots rarely cover all or even any of the correct strains of flu bug that actually do come to the area you live in.

    They say washing your hands a lot, being well rested, taking vitamins, and staying away from people who sneeze their spray all over the place is just as good a prevention, if not better.

    And after shaking hands, wash before you eat a snack or rub your eyes.

    Stay healthy everyone!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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