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    I really want to lose weight but i just love food sooooo much! does anyone have any advice for me??? please help! my whole family is skinny except for me and i have a lot of pressure but its just soooo hard! any dieting tips would really be helpful…thanx!


    go to the gym and get a personal trainer, watch what you eat and when you eat it. this should work! Good luck!!

    ED IT OR


    the important thing is to be happy in life,

    the issue with weight is social, only if you let it affect you than it does, also talking from my humble experience an hour of easy exercise a day does wonders!, I haven’t lost a lot of weight only 20 kilos or so, but in self confidence it helps massively



    Join Weight Watchers!

    ED IT OR



    diet and exercise

    Queen Bee

    Hey, chocolateluver. I also really love food! I’m going to tell you what works for me, but I’m not sure if it works for everyone. I let myself eat whatever I want, because if I start to limit myself I’ll go crazy and end up binging. So what I do is I try to burn off at least 1000 calories a day (preferably 1200-1600. My goal is at least 1200). I’m spoiled because I have an exercise bike in my basement, but I think walking helps a lot. If you can walk to and from school/work, you will burn a lot of calories. But if you do have the chance to use exercise equipment, like a treadmill or bike, it’s okay if you skip a day, or only manage to burn off 600 calories as opposed to 1000. The point is to at least burn something. I don’t know if you’re okay with exercise DVDs, but if you are, there are many you can buy. I have one that’s only 20-40 minutes. I don’t really like it because I got sick of it, but maybe it’ll work for you. Perseverance is the key because doing exercise every single day could get so boring, but after about 3 weeks, the results start to show and the feeling is amazing!

    Good luck!


    Do what I do. I eat skinny potato chips.


    Chocolateluver. Buy a book called ‘I can make you thin by Paul McKenna’ with the CD. It is so powerful, if you set your mind to use its technique seriously, you will loose weight effortlessly and in a healthy way that works longterm too. Let me know how you get on. GOOD LUCK 🙂


    An hour a day of exercise is plenty. Doing more could be dangerous. There was an article recently in the mishpacha magazine (I think) about a young woman who was addicted to exercise. She even exercised on Shabbos.


    Do you love food or do you have an unhealthy relationship with food ? I don’t want to start a discussion whether the program is “kosher” or not, but diets just don’t work for those who have the latter problem. “OA”, in one form or another – only solution.


    You have to change your attitude. Calling yourself chocolateluver is not a good approach. It seems you focus on food. Try to focus on something else.


    just exercising will be enough. I went walking everyday for about an hour and ate what I wanted and lost weight.


    I’m addicted to food as well, particularly french fries and things like meat-substitute soy products, also chocolate, and other unhealthy things…

    What I try to do is force myself to get at least an hour of daily exercise by walking a little more, and forcing myself to eat more fruit and vegetables. Particularly fruit. If there is one thing I love about the UK, it’s that Tesco sell blueberries all year round!

    So instead of eating chocolate all day long, try some of these:


    * blueberries

    * raspberries

    * strawberries

    * blackberries


    * all sorts of apples

    * all sorts of clementines

    * all sorts of oranges, incl (red) blood oranges

    * pomelo

    * (red) grapefruit

    As for vegetables, just grab a can of some sort of beans instead of chocolate and other nonsense. Personally for example I am totally addicted to broad beans.

    As for my weight, I’ll be honest and admit it’s not all that bad maybe: I weigh about 88 kg (194 lbs). However, just 3 years ago, I weighed about 65 kg (143 lbs)… My length is 180 cm (5 ft 10/11). So I gained quite a lot in recent years, and I am quite worried because it’s only getting worse still, noticeably so over the last year or so. I’m starting ever more to look like the (non-Jewish) natives…

    ED IT OR

    no you have not gained so much weight, but your frak thingy needs a clean!

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