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    Who here has read “Women’s Wisdom, The Garden of Peace for Women” The counterpart to “The Garden of Peace” for men

    Both books are excellent Baruch Hashem

    Besides marriage, it also have advice about parenting and life in general


    Who’s the author?


    Rav Arush (I , being male, listented to his warning, forbiding my race to read the ‘Women’s Wisdom’. But I did read Garden of Peace, and found it excellent, though needed sometimes to be taken with sechel).


    I read the womans volume back in the early days (I wanted to know what the other side was thinking 🙂

    But like our OB said about reading Dr. Mom, while waiting for child # 1 to arrive:

    “read it, then put the book away.. becuase the baby hasn’t read the book”

    All books like this are great guides, but nothing prepares you for marriage better than marriage. And 20+ years later, and am still learning things about dos and don’ts in a relationship.


    Yes, hence, I think we should a first marriage as a trial run, and then get it right the second time around.

    Alas, too many couples try this. I would add, nothing prepares you for marriage like being a healthy human being with healthy parents. If you weren’t zoche – fix yourself up beforehand (though marriage can heal).


    marriage is not a hospital.

    ones problems doesnt automatically

    fix ones problems and issues


    No marriage does not heal wounds but a supportive spouse can help a person overcome certain non-major issues.

    I repeat NON-MAJOR issues.


    I would add, nothing prepares you for marriage like being a healthy human being with healthy parents

    And I couldn’t agree more with that statement!


    not to take away anything from these books, but all of them have to be read with chuchma. Not like lehavdil Shulchan Aruch/Mishna Brura. They have good ideas and advice but use common sense and as some have said, there’s no greater teacher than experience. And you only learn from your own marriage the do’s and dont’s.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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