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    Have you ever looked through their edges at things, particularly

    at something where there’s a contrast between light and dark?

    (If this is your first time, now look again through the other side.)


    I actually have done just that. It’s quite interesting how when I look at a lightbulb through the side of my glasses, I see the individual pieces instead of just a bright shining light.


    you actually learn to appreciate eyesight. i actually really enjoy having glasses just they can get annoying but then i have something extra to thank Hashem for every day and plus their cute and can make me look even cuter.


    There are lenses called High Definition. They allow you to see at the edges, the same as in the middle. Great for people who need high prescription numbers. The lenses aren’t so thick. Also great for Varilux lenses.


    If you really want an eye opener, click on the above ad for Lasik vision correction.

    I was nearly blind until twenty years ago when I had the Lasik procedure done. I went from -750 to 20/20 perfect vision and its still holding up.

    No regrets.

    Everyone I’ve spoken to about it who had it done have the same opinion. If you follow the post op instructions (eye drops for about a week), you will be happy with the results.

    You can find a relatively inexpensive facility but, regardless, its a lot cheaper than getting new lenses all the time. You will see perfectly, and not go through the lenses hassle when swimming; showering; sleeping;etc.


    cool. sounds nerdy.


    When you wear contact lenses, you get to freak people out by putting them on or taking them out casually in public.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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