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    My own self-created recipe is easier for me and non-gebrochts (though I eat gebrochts, we have someone with gluten-sensitivity, so I make it non-G)

    Take thin chicken cutlets (or even veal), dredge LIGHTLY in potato starch that has been seasoned well with kosher salt, and rosemary, garlic powder and basil, shaking off the excess. Saute in hot oil until lightly browned on both sides (about four minutes per side), then put chicken in set aside plate or pan/ Saute onions and mushrooms (if you use mushrooms on Pesach)until golden, add back the chicken and pour a bottle of Marsala cooking wine over it (the small bottle). Simmer and let it reduce, until slightly thickened. You can add a little more kosher salt and spices to taste, to the pan. This is too delicious for words.


    I made veal marsala last year and actually preferred potato starch since it is lighter than the matza meal and less gloppy.


    I agree about the potato starch being lighter.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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