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    Any comment on the following?!!

    Rav Moshe Shternbuch – Garlic & Sharp Foods on Pesach

    There is a minhag not to eat garlic on Pesach. Rav Moshe Shternbuch (5:127:10) say that for dry garlic there is grounds to be machmir. He explains that most people have fillings, crowns, and other dental implants in their mouths that absorb chometz all year. In order to make sure they do not make the food we chometz one should not eat hot food for 24 hours before Pesach. This would render any taste emanating from the pre absorbed chometz spoiled (Nosein Ta’am Lifgam) and would not make the food we eat on Pesach chometz.

    This however does not help for sharp foods which can become chometz even from things absorbed over 24 hours prior. This combined with the pressure of the tooth cutting the food (Duchka D’Sakina) negates the heter of Nosein Ta’am Lifgam. Because of this says Rav Shternbuch it is wise to refrain from eating any sharp foods the entire Pesach.


    I heard about this today actually. First of all, everything would be a B’liah B’Tzonen, so unless you had Yad Soledes Bo food in your mouth (ever; which would require burning your mouth), this would never be a problem. Also, they had false teeth in the past. The Poskim should have said something earlier if this was a problem.


    Sam2: It is a chumrah,pesach always has numerous chumrahs. It is interesting because many don’t eat garlic for other reasons besides for this one.


    Point 1. How the heck would you eat horseradish. I hate romain lettuce.

    Point 2. Even if this is only a chumra, its certainly more understandable than several minhagim that came from Europe that bi’shaytum were nogei’ah and now have no pracrical application and are still practiced out of ignorance. They are minhagei shtus. This chumra is a psak from a big rav.


    Toi: when it comes to pesach I think it is hard to call any minhag a minhag shtus since on pesach there is a inyun to be more machmir than usual.

    shmoolik 1

    can somebody explain how dentures/ implants, and just plain fillings are not treif because we do not “kasher” our mouths with

    boiling water or a blow torch

    so once we gargle with boiling water between meat and milk and use a blow torch before pesach we are ok

    enough of the chumrah of the month lets get the chometz out our hearts and pockets, and minds.

    chag kasher ve samaeach


    Sam4- How abot not eating, lets say, beets. Cuz in europe they came to the store covered in flour and therefore people were machmir not to use them. Nowadays, thats not true, so theyd be fine. If coke didnt make kosher l’pesach one year, that wouldnt become a minhag right? this too. Sorry im ranting but this drives me nuts.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Toi: They are minhagei shtus.

    Careful; some of the minhagim, whose reasons no longer apply, are still binding on those who have the mesorah. For example, some don’t eat fish, because the fish used to be preserved in chometzdik alcohol. Although this is no longer the case, I know a family in which several members asked a shailah about this, each from a different rov, and all were told to keep the minhag.


    Yoreh Deah people in the coffee room are not the best way to get answers to halchic questions. Real Talmidei Chachomim usually don’t spend their time in a coffee room. Ask your rabbi.


    Rikki2: I don’t consider myself a Yoreh De’ah person or a Talmid Chacham so I’m not offended by that, but I take offense on behalf of Hello99 in particular (and a few others) who have shown an incredible grasp of Torah and Halachah and yet still post in the CR.


    My rav says its not a problem.

    R’ Shlomo Zalman deals with it* and mentions a few possible heteirim.


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