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    After all the horrible things he’s done, would you elect Trump for another term?


    Don’t swallow everything the media feeds you. He hasn’t done any terrible things — though he has done a number of good things.


    He pardoned someone he shouldn’t have pardoned.

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    +1 Joe

    Horrible things? Like what? Like abstaining on a UN resolution? Like putting us through the Unaffordable care act? Like giving Iran a nuke?

    Oh wait that was Obama


    In a heart beat! He is the best thing that has happened to this country in a very long time. It is hightime that someone was elected that not only promised to get rid of this new PC culture that is overtaking the country but actually is doing something!


    While I didn’t vote for Trump (I’m big on rule of law, civil liberties and fiscal responsibility), I’m curious what horrible things he’s done, other than speaking a lot of loshon ho’ra (or more typically “tweeting”) – but since Trump is a 100% goy he isn’t covered by the halachos of lashon ho’ra. He is standing up to tyrants such as Putin and Kim and to the various “radical” Muslims who seek to schecht us – unlike Obama and Clinton who wanted to avoid confrontations with dictators. On issues such as “due process” or “civil forfeiture” he’s no worse than Obama. He is no worse than his predecessors of the last century in ignoring the constitutional restrictions on the president (only Gary Johnson would have been better). Whereas the Democrats are supporting the terrorist “Antifa” groups, he is standing up to them. He is spending public money without any regard to the long term solvency of the country, but that seems to be the “minhag ha-makom” inside the Washington beltway. It would be nice if the president was more mentschlicht in his public comments, but we Yidden don’t look to the goyish rulers for lessons in midos, and since he has been “good for the Jews”, we shouldn’t complain.

    Yechi Hamelech

    The last thing Obama did before leaving office was to wire $221,000,000 to the Palestinian Authority.

    The first thing Trump did when arriving in office was to freeze all that money….


    “since he has been “good for the Jews”, we shouldn’t complain

    Yes. we should just keep quiet until we wake up one morning and read his latest tweet about yidden.


    What is this “new PC culture”?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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